Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Wow! March has been a whirlwind!

We enjoyed many feasts! Dinner at the Crumpton's, birthday celebrations at the Shugert's, taco/games day here with the Orazem girls, Chitudo Black Belt Club dinner at Alfonso's. Of course we can't leave out the Saint Patrick's day celebration at Ron & Ceci's complete with singing & instrument playing. Or the next day eating sushi in Japan Town with Eva & Omar.

B&R kept us busy with Youth Funky Games Night, Bible Face Off, Laser Quest (yes again), running around River Park spending their gift cards, finishing the snowboarding season at both Badger Pass & Sierra Summit & the ever exploding Bembe gigs.

Jeff & I did manage to see Miss Bethany this month as well (thank you Eric). It was overwhelming to see her in her current state, but I am grateful that the opportunity arose.

The three Shugert kids were our house guests for about a week.

Jeff's business is going very well, he's been busy this month. He's been busier than ever, but more organized than ever. VCC has hired its 1st employee

All four of us have been writing for the local Homeschool Newspaper. Jeff was interviewed in regards to IT/self employment. B&R & I fulfilled our regular columns for the paper, as well as the homeschool blog & yearbook student interest / family pages. I guess it's about time I write here....I'm know, sorry about that!

We have been working at lightening speed in our educational endeavors.

Billy has begun the processes of setting goals for the Congressional Award program. Jenny is overseeing Billy's progress & I am doing the same for CJ. Don't be insulted, no family member is allowed to confirm or guide his progress. Billy also attended the Original Design Purity Conference.

As a family we walked the Fresno Right to Life, Walk for Life....very humbling experience. We had a blast at the Rock & Worship Road Show (more on that later).

I know this is a hasty way to get you all up to speed on our happenings, but April is harassing me, so I decided I better jump in & conquer March.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Week

Mon.-I took a nutrition class lead by Mrs Dori Lim. B&R took one in the next room over for the teens. Jeff & I went to yet another homeschool meeting. Billy had Bembe practice (he has had more gigs this month do to Black history month)

Tues.-The guys all went snowboarding & then to Chitudo. Me? I cleaned, graded, filed & did my own exercise.

Wed.-A heavy duty turbo charged day of school work to make up for yesterday.

Thurs.--Another full speed school day & Chitudo

Fri.-B&R went to dance lessons (well the instructor never showed so they just sat around & talked), Laser Quest & Colorado Grill. The poor restaurant had 4 million teenagers all at once to deal with. Dori drove them from Dance to Laser Quest & they just walked across the parking lot to Colorado grill. So Jeff & I were able to relax and have a leasurly date.

Sat.-B&R played baseball at Chefa's Sport Sat. Jeff & I grabbed a Starbucks & sat and talked for the next few hours. We had a picnic lunch with the Lim's & then B, R, A & A went rock climbing. Us old people walked across the street & sat at Starbucks (and yes that makes two trips that day) for the next several hours & had some great conversation. Ricky had computer work he needed to do at the church, but Billy didn't go to music practice. He hurt his thumb & can't drum right now.

Sun.-(today) We are getting ready to go to church . This afternoon will be full of yard care & work at Papa's mountain.