Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Week

Mon.-I took a nutrition class lead by Mrs Dori Lim. B&R took one in the next room over for the teens. Jeff & I went to yet another homeschool meeting. Billy had Bembe practice (he has had more gigs this month do to Black history month)

Tues.-The guys all went snowboarding & then to Chitudo. Me? I cleaned, graded, filed & did my own exercise.

Wed.-A heavy duty turbo charged day of school work to make up for yesterday.

Thurs.--Another full speed school day & Chitudo

Fri.-B&R went to dance lessons (well the instructor never showed so they just sat around & talked), Laser Quest & Colorado Grill. The poor restaurant had 4 million teenagers all at once to deal with. Dori drove them from Dance to Laser Quest & they just walked across the parking lot to Colorado grill. So Jeff & I were able to relax and have a leasurly date.

Sat.-B&R played baseball at Chefa's Sport Sat. Jeff & I grabbed a Starbucks & sat and talked for the next few hours. We had a picnic lunch with the Lim's & then B, R, A & A went rock climbing. Us old people walked across the street & sat at Starbucks (and yes that makes two trips that day) for the next several hours & had some great conversation. Ricky had computer work he needed to do at the church, but Billy didn't go to music practice. He hurt his thumb & can't drum right now.

Sun.-(today) We are getting ready to go to church . This afternoon will be full of yard care & work at Papa's mountain.

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