Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"If I were to label much of the educational material today, I'm afraid a large percentage would definitely be twaddle. How colorfully and scientifically our generation talks down to the little child! What insipid, stupid, dull stories are trotted out!"-Susan Schaeffer MacAuley

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Life along the way

I have been watching him since the beginning of last summer...at least. Peach fuzz was visible, but not much beyond that. Well yesterday, first thing in the morning, I looked to the top of the staircase & saw Billy sporting a mustache. That's it! I can't handle looking at a 14 year old with facial hair.
I broke the news to Jeff while we were out running errands. He picked out Billy's first razor (in a sulking manner). This morning he gave Billy his first lesson in shaving. Jeff taught him about the whole face because Billy also has a good amount of peach fuzz on his cheeks & chin. I'm thinkin' as fast as Billy is changing this was a good plan.
Billy has changed a lot. He has armpit hair, chest springys, he smells (deodorant is a must), has pimples & his voice is changing. He is taller than me. He wears a size 11 shoe. His hair has become incredibly curly. This morning he backed the 4 runner out of the garage by himself & then he & Ricky packed all the recycling stuff.
I am finding every time I turn my head, when I turn back, I see that something has changed in life along the way.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Austin is offical

We celebrated Austin Soltero turning 13 today. Its true. He is a teenager. We went to see a movie, City of Ember. We all liked it so much we went straight to the bookstore to check out the book series the movie was based off of. We went window shopping for clothes. (hope you find the perfect sweatshirt) Then we met the Dads & had a fabulous dinner at Red Robin where they sang Austin a silly birthday song. Billy recorded the whole embarrassing thing!

Happy Birthday Blue Eyes, WE LOVE YOU!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Billy & Ricky have changed living quarters

Ricky is in what was their joint bedroom. Billy is in what was their music room. When we moved in here we set the music room up for WGTB & BTB practice. Both boys have released that part of their world. So the room was really not necessary. Instrument practice is actually easier separated since they aren't playing anything together.
The only immediate draw back is the whole TV thing. They bought a Wii & wanted to put it in the Music Studio with a TV they would start to save for. I was okay with that plan. I am not okay with TV's in the bedroom. So if you have your own rooms...no TV. They thought it over & agreed to the terms.
They moved. They have been enjoying the wide open spaces. They both have plans for what they want to do with their "new" rooms. Some of those ideas will come to fruition this Christmas.
Billy spent Friday night at Justin Pools house & Ricky spent all day Saturday at Bowen Cunnings house so this was pretty much a one evening deal. They started Saturday evening before & after Worship practice and ended Sunday morning before church.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Well it happened again...

When Leroy first began to show signs of hormonal changes he & Larry fought over food. They had their little tiffs. Leroy was left with a scar on his snout. For the next few months Jeff monitored every meal. He was ready to discipline any dog who was trouble makin'.
Fast forward to the present. We have an Adult Leroy & an up & coming "teenager" Eddy. Thanksgiving evening we were late getting home. The dogs, therefore, were late in getting dinner. B&R feed the dogs as usual & walked back into the house. (they are fed in the garage because we can't keep Kansas out of their bowls.) Anyway we heard a loud yelp & went to investigate the crime scene. Long story short-Jeff is monitoring dog dinners again. Eddy has a bite out of his front leg that we are doctoring. Leroy has a new extension to the original snout scar. Apparently that's the place to "get" him. By the way no one is grouchy. Both dogs appreciate the others company. It is just a food thing.
Nope, no vicious killers here. Just two dogs that need to know they can't throw temper-tantrums because they want whats in the other guys bowl. The most frustrating part is that we just got over kennel cough. When Eddy ran away he brought back that gift & shared it with Leroy!
Remind me why I have dogs????

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What ever happened to class?

We went to go see the Fresno Philharmonic preform"Beethoven lives upstairs" at the Saroyan Theater. It was a very good show. And although pushed as an elementary performance my Jr High & High School kids enjoyed it. There were several other "teens" at the performance as well. I heard that some Moms bought the book or rented the movie instead of bringing their older kids, that's too bad. Why do we let other people decide what is age appropriate?
As I said the performance was wonderful. The tidbits about Beethoven brought his music to life! We even got to talk to some of the Philharmonic Musicians after the show, which was a treat. I just wish that schools/parents taught their children/youth how to behave at these sorts of events. I am sick of the sea of whoops & hollers! This is not a football game people! It was a challenge for the performers to focus & continue. This is a common situation. Time & place people, TIME & PLACE!!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We are surrounded by talent

As a child my Dad played us songs on his guitar & sang to us. He never made it big, but he was in a local band & did put out a few albums. He also drew crazy cartoons & made up silly stories. Those two things have carried over into my house. I draw & make up stories, Jeff makes up stories. Ricky plays the guitar & loves to sing. Billy's in a local band...they put out CD's.
My Mother & Grandmother made my siblings and I doll clothes, blankets well even dolls for that matter! They made hats, mittens, afghans & scarves etc... When my babies were born they made them sweaters, booties & blankets as well.
I married into a family with domestic artists. Jeff's Mom does needle point & sewing etc... Jeff's Grandmother & Great Aunt & Aunt all made my babies blankets, booties & sweaters as well. Ceci, one of Jeff's Aunts even tough my boys to knit. They have made me scarves, socks & even knitted bracelets. Ceci makes some awesome socks. She gave Jeff & I each a pair...we love them!
Jeff has some very talented artist in his family, each with its own flair. We have the privilege of sporting some of that artwork around our home.
Our friend Nathan is a budding artist. We do have one example of his work (hint..hint..). We recently added Ms Hannah's artwork to our decor. She is the 12 year old buddy to our boys. She entered her work in an Art show & did quit well! We liked her work so much we asked her to duplicate it for an empty wall in our room.
We are blessed to have such talent surrounding us. Thank you to everyone for what you add to our world.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


#1 Jeff is Superman. Okay, he may not leap tall buildings in a single bound. But he rescues this frazzled mama with a single bag. He waltzes through the door with chocolate, soda, Mexican food & a movie. He turns my whole world around.

#2 Jeff remembers Oct. 5th every year. This is one of his favorite days. Its the day I said I'd "go steady" with him. We were 15 years old.

#3 Jeff loves to brush my hair. He has even learned to french braid. Billy & Ricky, wanting to be just like their Dad, started playing with my hair as well. This mostly took place while I was sitting down reading to them when they were little. I looked like a Rastafarian by the time all was done.

#4 Jeff loves people. Jeff talks to everyone even the waiter/waitress at restaurants end up sitting & chatting with us when we go out to dinner. Jeff pulls me out of my shell.

#5 Jeff is spontaneous and romantic. He comes home from work to grab me to watch the sunset over the lake. He writes sweet emails throughout the day. He always reaches for my hand as soon as I sit down in the car.

#6 Jeff is a goofball. He busts out in song & dances like Axel Rose to make me laugh when I'm sad. He tries to pick my nose...with straws...while he's driving. He puts fries in his mouth & acts like a walrus..in restaurants. He makes retarted puppet shows until Billy, Ricky & I laugh so hard we cry.

#7 Jeff loves being a Dad. He could hardly wait to meet & hold our babies-he was bursting with anticipation. He loves rough housing, teaching and listening. Being a part of as many moments in their lives as he can. He is grateful to be self employed & thankful for the oppurtunity to homeschool as these endeavors allow him more time with our sons. He will do anything in his power to help them accomplish their dreams.

#8 Jeff loves the Lord. He studies His word. he enjoys breakfast meetings with our pastor plus sunday school & church services. He cherishes leading our family studies. He gets sparkle-eyed when people call or email or text him to "talk God". When we turn on the car after he has been in we normally hear a sermon. If you walk in his office or look on his bedside table your likely to see an open bible with the latest passages he's studying. Jeff wants to please the Lord. He wants to live in His will & praise God through all life's bumps & curves.

#9 Jeff is my knight in shining armor. He doesn't stand for people mistreating me. He will always come to my defense. If there is a wrong to right, a problem to solve, a question to answer he goes riding off into the sunset telephone or email in hand......

#10 Jeff loves adventuring. He loves seeing new places. He enjoys a good hike, swim or drive. He is an amazing photographer. He really likes capturing bits of nature on film. He's game for just about anything. he has a real adventurous spirit.

#11 Jeff is my encourager. He nudges me to try new things. He complements my cooking, decorating, drawing & writing. He's my biggest fan.

#12 Jeff is 33 today! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Jeff! Happy Birthday to you!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday

It is a time set aside for us as families to come together, be grateful & recognize that we do need each other. Its rich in history & tradition. Most important of all though, its a reminder for us to place our trust where it belongs, in Christ alone. Regardless of circumstances each of us face, we must know it is He who is in control. Christ has not left us, He is in our midst. We can only read a small fraction of the story as it plays out-but God knows every depth twist & turn. We cannot understand how he orchestrates this world but make no mistake...He does!
This IS His country, I stand tall and thank Him for it. Even though the current situation looks helpless, I have faith in Him. I know God is righteous and His sovereignty will continue to reign. We have His glory here with us.
We are not ONLY go to Christ with our sorrows, but also with our joys. Thanksgiving is a time to do just that. Of course Christ is our comforter & He does hear our fears and difficulties. However he deserves our gratitude as well.
For our family (Jeff, Billy, Ricky & I), in our home, before the celebrations begin with extended family, we take a quiet time of reflection. One by one we share the things we are most grateful for. I take comfort in knowing my children are soaking up this recognition of authority and gratitude toward Christ. Each year as we share our thoughts they surprise me with their depth and variety.
Thanksgiving is humbling and reassuring, it is my joy.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Adventuring with Huey & Dewey........

This was a fun filled weekend.
Friday Jeff & I went on a date etc. Billy & Ricky (Huey & Dewey) went to a Contra Dance lesson, dinner with their friends & a Bible Face off, Operation Christmas Child, game playing, dessert eating night.

Saturday We finally made it over to the Underground Gardens. Very impressive! This was of course sandwiched between soccer, music practice & a fencing project.
Sunday We hiked The Way of the Mono Trail after church (Bass Lake) with the Orazem family. We had a lovely picnic lunch at the summit with an wonderful view of the lake & some nice fall colors. We moved our party down to the lake, then over to the patio outside of the Starbucks/Jamba Juice area, and finally to their house for a pizza dinner & video games. A simple 1 hour-ish hike turned into a whole day together.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chi-Tu Do

When Jeff was growing up he wanted to do the whole martial arts thing, there was a summer session or something that he attended...the end. When Billy & Ricky were little guys they began asking if they could be "Karate-Men". We put them off. We didn't want to mess with the whole mysticism aspect common to the martial arts community/programs.
Fast forward to our 1st year of Homeschooling. We were at the Fresno Homeschool Convention when Jeff noticed his buddy on a continual play video showing a martial arts program for Break the Barriers. He stopped & asked the booth attendants about the guy who was teaching in the video. They said he didn't work there anymore & told Jeff he was teaching up in Oakhurst. A phone call was made & that was the start of the Vincent involvment in the Cunnings Chitudo journey.

The name Chitudo means "The Way of Christ" in Korean. They are members of the Christian Black Belt Association. They have badges for memorizing the 10 Commandments, Beatitudes & Amendments of the Constitution.

They pray as they start each class. They have a Warriors Code "To live a life of honor,. embracing my duty to God, family & my fellow men, upholding justice and mercy with courage & humility."

This is a mixed art consisting of Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Shiho Karan Ju Jitsu & Kabaroan Eskrima.

Now? All these years later? All three guys are still going strong. Jeff is now teaching the Children's class & the Adult class. Billy is a Jr. Black belt & a Jr. Instructor. Ricky is moving along quit well & will be there soon himself. They have made some wonderful friends along the way.
The school has been meeting in the local High School. They have recently attained a building of their own. These are exciting times for the Cunnings crew & my family. I pray this dream comes to fruition quickly & easily.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Iron Chefs

When my boys were teeny-tiny I started them in the kitchen. It all started with little kid cookbooks, cookie cutter kits & parenting magazine ideas. When they were in the beginning years of schooling I was in charge of "fellowship days" in our homeschool co-op. I had a rotation system of yard games, crafts & cooking projects for elementary children to participate in.
As the years went by I researched what each civilization that we studied would have eaten. We had a meal at the end of each unit. Sometimes we invited friends, sometime we just had a family dinner. I have carried over family favorites & holiday traditions from my childhood. I have picked up recipes from Jeff's family. I have created new traditions by adding my own newly acquired recipes.
I have been compiling a cookbook for my boys to take with them when they grow up & leave me. I have recipes from a friends family (traditional Mexican food) I have recipes from my Grandma (both Southern American & Armenian) I have recipes from Aunt Beckie's High School Home Ec. Class as well as my own class. There is a variety from family, friends & our own additions. I have written a story by each recipe, so the book is going to be quit the keep sake. (thanks for the idea Becky)
I remember loving to cook from a young age. I have memories of looking through cookbooks for recipes I wanted to try, showing them to my Mom & her buying what I needed to make whatever treasure I hunted. That is what I have done for my boys. They are trained. They have been set free in the kitchen. They love watching Food Network. They have a collection of cookbooks from there favorite shows. We also have cookbooks from different books read such as "The Redwall Cookbook".
A monthly dinner menu is posted on our refrigerator. Each boy is given two days a month to cook. All that I require is that they make a balanced meal & stick to what they have decided to cook, after all the ingredients have been purchased.

This is what they have made so far in this school year (Sept., Oct. & part of Nov.)

Shrimp & Hot Root Soup (Redwall)
Spaghetti, Garlic Bread & Green Salad
Breakfast on a Stick & Sliced Gala Apples
Tri tip Hoggies with Grilled Sweet Red Onions & Sweet Orange Bell Peppers
Enchiladas & Kiwi Slices

Moles Deeper-n-Ever Turnip & Tator deep Rot Pie with Rutabaga & Sausage. (Redwall)
Garlic Roasted Dungeness Crab, Fennel Ricotta Skillet Bread & Pomegranates
Truly Texan Chili, Corn Bread & Corn on Cob
Shrimp Scampi with Linguini & Green Salad
Sour Cream Potato Soup, Gingered Steak Strips & Boiled Carrots.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

"I learned most , not from those who taught me but from those who talked with me" -Augustine

Electronic Devices

Jeff & I represent different ends of the spectrum on the subject of electronics.
When our boys were younger I had my thumb firmly planted on the situation. As little guys they knew the phrase, "no more electronic devices" They were only allowed a certain amount of time, period. That included T.V., movies, radio & computer games. When I left for an afternoon or evening B & R got really excited. It was party time! No time limits with Dad.
Over the years Jeff has seen the error of his ways. He began making the boys run off steam as well as preform manual labor duties. Then the three would sit down for video games or whatever with no time limit.
I have let go of the electronic noose. I have seen the light, so to speak, of Net Flicks. I order many educational or time period movies to supplement our schooling. Now that B&R are older & stay home alone from time to time they play more video games. I kinda like that because I know they aren't getting themselves into mischief, they are numbed-out in front of the TV. I have submitted to movies I don't like as they have gotten older, things I would never watch but the guys enjoy. I've succumbed to the cellphone because I like the ability to call my sons when they are away & vis-versa. I've allowed the ipod to enter our world although I don't like it attached to my boys. I think that makes it too easy to go off into your own world. Books on tape, Music CD or the radio are on a lot around here. We ultilize music, typing & foreign language computer programs.
We do block their ability to get on the computer if we are not home. They will NOT have TVs or computers in their rooms. Jeff regularly monitors their my space & email accounts. No video games, radio, emails or my space is allowed until all school work & chores are completed.
Hey, look at me, I'm writing a blog. It wasn't that long ago that I wouldn't even use the computer. I'm still in the world of "rarely use your cell phone". It's who I am. I would rather share some tea & chat face to face. I would rather see kids making projects, exploring outdoors, experimenting with different art mediums. theres is so much to life, so live it, don't watch it!
Billy & Ricky have finally bought their beloved wii. They worked real hard for it. I'm proud of them for setting a goal & accomplishing it. They have been trying to convince me all along that the wii is great for exercise. So last night I watched them play. It is true, you can get a good work out, if you choose the right settings. I would still rather see them hike our property etc....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Marine World?

Marine World is no more. It is now called Discovery Kingdom.

Yesterday we went to "Homeschool Day". We got in for a discount price, less then half of the original amount. The park was closed to the general public so even with all the homeschoolers, the lines were minuscule, very cool.

The park is much different now. When I went as a teen the emphasis was on the animTals. Now its the thrill rides. Don't get me wrong, I liked the rides & there was quit a few animals opportunities. I was just reminiscent of when my Mom, Monica & I went. I have always talked about that trip & wanted to take my family. I was disappointed in that I didn't get to share my memories with them. But, we made new awesome memories.

We went on every big & moderate ride, some even twice. We scared ourselves out of our wits! The bird show was neat, I love hearing them talk. I was reminded of the majesty of the feathered kingdom. The dolphin show was a treat, they are so sweet. We have decided to do the dolphin encounter program next year. Of course the killer whale show was our favorite. We sat right in the front, in the middle. Billy & Jeff got off easy, just a slight sprinkle. Ricky & I got a bath! I planned for that, I brought a change of clothes for everyone. We spent a lot of our time looking at walruses, seals, sea lions, giraffes etc.. We really liked the animal exhibits. An unforgettable moment was when Giant butterflies landed on Ricky & Billy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Photo Scavenger Hunt

The Boys both participated in a Photo Scavenger Hunt throughout the shops at River Park. Again, they were not placed on the same team-no biggy. They were given a list of places to go. On that list were also assignments to be completed at each spot. Such as "go to Target & find a shield, take a picture using it" or find the big horse & play horsey" This horse is obviously in front of P.F. Chang's. These photos were open to interpretation & you got points for the most creative choices.
After the Scavenger Hunt the crew went to the new Me & Eds across from Edwards. They had an awesome time in the giant new arcade. Billy's team won. The prize was pizza gift cards. Being teenage boys, they bought more pizza right then & there. FOOOOD!!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

These are the days of our lives......

Yep, more drama!

First off, last weekend we made plans for this weekend...didn't happen.

Instead of soccer, seeing Madagascar 2 at the theater, going to a 4-H fundraiser dinner in Lemoore & Christmas shopping. We went to the emergency room (in Hanford), went to the aid of a dear friend (in the Chos) & worked on putting up an invisible fence for our turkey-butt Dalmatian & Chocolate Lab.

Eddy, our Dalmatian ran away. He was frightened by the thunder & lightening storm. We called, we posted, we prayed, we waited. He was gone for 3 days, but we do have him back with us. However, now he knows how to leave & has tried. He is on house arrest until we get the invisible fence up. Unfortunately it began to rain as the guys were working on that project. It is only half done. Guess what next weekend entails....

Sunday was a little more fun. After church Billy & Ricky went to a missionary friends going away party. Jeff & I took a long drive through a forest of autumn colors & ate some comfort food at a local diner. We picked up Kung Fu Panda on the way to get the boys, which we watched that evening. It was Billy's turn to cook. He made Spicy Shrimp Scampi w/ Linguini & a Green Salad.

We did manage to get school pictures & shop for our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes (x6) done this week. We had a nice visit with the Orazem girls & the guys all enjoyed the special Chitudo sessions with Ramero. The week wasn't completely wacked.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

"For thousands of years, in thousands of places,
families educated their own. 

This tradition changed not because a better method was found,

but because economic conditions required it. 

To work one had to leave ones children. 

Ones children, furthermore, had to be trained for tasks no one in their purview could be seen doing. 

For these reasons institutionalized schooling was invented,

and while it adequately addressed a set of economic problems,

it inspired a new set of human ones that are psychological, emotional and even spiritual in nature"

-David Guterson

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bible Face Off

Our Homeschool group has started a Bible Face off League. Billy & Ricky are on separate teams containing 5 teens each. It plays kinda like Family Fued, however they jump up, instead of buzzing. They compete once a month. At the end of the school year they will have their grand finale.
Billy & Ricky have been great about helping each other study, even though they are not on the same team-I love that. Of course they have been busy at Star bucks & other such meeting places to study with their teammates. So again, a once a month things...isn't. They are having a great time with this & learning as well.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Big Fresno Fair

We went to Educational Day at the fair, which got us in free! I'm so glad I no longer have kidlets. I always felt the need to go over the history of the fair, its importance yada-yada-yada.....I mean they let us in for free. The boys have the story down, so I'm done.
We watched the pigs races, looked at giant produce, rocks, art, watched break dancers & ate our favorite Fair Foods.
Since today was also Christian Day we stayed after all the schools went home. Then it was off to the Midway. Billy & Ricky had earned enough money from their Grandparents to buy wrist bands for the whole day. So off they went to this ride & that ride over & over again!
We ended our day at the Newsboys Concert, one of Billy & Ricky's favorite bands. They were Awesome!!
We all had a great time. The boys had enough money left over to buy a Newsboys Souvenir.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

"I am much afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, 

unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures, 

and engraving them in the hearts of the youth. 

I advise no one to place his child where the
scriptures do not reign paramount. 

Every institution in which means are not increasingly occupied with the word of God must be corrupt." 

Martin Luther

Friday, October 31, 2008

Video Game System Envy

My boys have the video game envy...not me. They would love to have a wii & xbox 360. Billy & Ricky are currently pinching pennies trying to save enough to buy themselves a system.
There are so many neat games out there. I hear about Super Smash Bros Brawl from Billy. Ricky is really interested in Guitar Hero. They went to their friend Levi's birthday party & there we found out about the Christian version of Guitar Hero called Guitar Praise, pretty cool stuff.
However I really want them to buy this themselves. Its a big investment & they really want it. They will pay for it & take care of it in turn. Well that is the plan anyway. Of course when even their grandparents have a wii it causes me to have to swim up stream on the whole issue!

California Trippin'

Okay so I have this corky part of my personality. Yeah, yeah I can hear the jokes already. Anyway! I have a notebook separated by counties of California. Why? I make notes as we are traveling. I take flyers, I listen to what people say, I read magazines, books etc.. all to gain a little more knowledge about our state. I suppose I could sell it....really. I have hikes, camps, national, state & regional parks. I have family fun activities. I have all kinds of stuff. When I get new info I bring it home & throw it in a shoebox. Eventually I have time to check things out in more detail. When I do, I add those entries to my notebook. Insane? Yeah, maybe. But you know what they say, insanity runs in my family, well it gallops really.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fun times with Garage Band

Billy & Ricky were part of a group who took a class at the Apple store in Fashion Fair. They were taught how to use the program Garage Band. They received a certificate of participation, a tee shirt & a CD of the music they created. The best part is that it was all free. Go Apple! I'm sure you can guess that this program is going to be used quit a bit in this household now!

Busy days

The boys have been more busy than me. I have been cherishing some longed for time alone. I just wish I could have the time & not be sick. I certainly would be able to enjoy it more!!

Billy sorted & bagged beans while Ricky loaded & carried boxes of food items to crates at the Fresno Food Bank. They were both on a team of teens helping to design a teeshirt for the Fresno Rescue Missions new Teen Volunteer Program.

Both Boys have been taking Contra Dance lesson in preparation for the Civil War Ball this spring. Billy has been taking a series of classes at the Fresno School of Missions (an African praise & worship drumming class dealing with the book of Psalms)

Ricky has been playing Flag Football & Soccer at CHEFA's Sports Saturdays.

Although I like my peaceful lonesome time. It is great that we have kids that still want to be with us. Jeff & I both know we don't get to have them for too many more years. So we like to do something special just the four of us from time to time. Recently we went to the Corn Field Maze & out to dinner at Applebees afterward. We laughed a lot & had a really great time.

Believe it or not we actually canceled a lot of events this month due to sickness. We have never been this sick as a family. We are FINALLY feeling sooo much better! Heres to better health in November.

Today I had the Boys get out their travel book/memory book, oh whatever you want to call it! We haven't spent much time on these books lately. We were able to update them, well the written part anyway. I need to print a bunch of photos for each boy & then we will be caught up. hmmm, well until the next event away!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Okay so we decided to try this activity. Each of us wrote what we first thought of, for each letter of the alphabet. Its supposed to represent who you are. We tested our friends to see if they could figure it out. Here are our results. How well do you know us?

B-Bungee Jumping
C-Chin Ups
J-Jeremiah was a Bullfrog....
K-Kite Surfing
L-Loco (as in the crazy chicken)
M-Martial Arts
N-Never Give Up
O-"Oh My Gosh, Becky"
P-Push Ups
R-Rhode Island
S-Sweet Tea
T-Tap Out

A-All In
C-Charity Anne
D-Down by the Bay....
F-Fun Times
G-Gone on a Trip
J-Jesus (With hands Raised)
K-King of Kings
L-Lassen Volcano Park
M-Martial Arts
O-Ocean Breeze
P-Penobscot Bay
Q-Queen of my Heart
W-Window Licker
X-X Throw

B-Blazing Skies
C-Colorful Scenery
E-Everyday Wonders
F-Flap Jacks
G-Georgia Sweet Tea
H-Have at Thee!
J-Just Hangin'
N-New England
O-Oceanic Currents
Q-Quagmire (Old English Swamp)
R-Rio Grande
X-X Marks the Spot
Z-Zephyr Cove

C-Casa de Fruita Coffee & Chocolate
D-Dancing in the Rain
H-Hey, That's my Chicken .......
I-International Pajama Day- Go Ceci!
M-Mexican Food
N-Next Stop?
O-Oh Give Me a Home Where the Buffalo Roam.......
P-Periwinkle & Belly Button
S-Snowflakes aggghh Serenity
T-Traveling with Teens
U-Up Up Under the Umbrella its Starting to Rain...........
W-Wandering in the Woods
X-Xavier Aldo Rufus
Y-Yellow Flowers
Z-Zoom (the cereal not the show)

love expands

Sweeter than Sugar
My little baby, little boy blue,
Is as sweet as sugar and cinnamon too;
Isn't this precious darling of ours
Sweeter than dates and cinnamon flowers?
-Author unknown

Welcome to the family baby cousin, Joshua Collin.

....and day 4

Jeff & I tiptoed out real early to watch the sunrise while the boys slept. Then it was eat, tear down, pack up & leave.
We stopped at Hoover Dam. We took a picture of each boy standing on the Nevada /Arizona border.
Then we drove to Las Vegas & cruised the strip. The boys wanted to know about the wedding chapels everywhere. They loved all the architecture. They recognized many of the buildings from movie scenes.
We dropped CJ off at 10:30 & were home by 12:30 in bed by 1:00.
"Thank goodness I was never sent to school, 

it would have rubbed off some of the originality"

-Beatrix Potter

Day 3

Today was our hard core hike day! We got up, ate, packed & went. Our 1st & only ranger led hike was to a marine fossil site behind Bright Angel Lodge (very cool). We continued hiking up that side of the rim as far as we could ( the road was closed do to construction).
Then we went to the other part of the South Rim and hiked a very strenuous "trail".
We then got in the car for some sit down time & drove to the East Rim. We visited Indian Ruins, The Look out Tower, & Many Vista Points. We saw a coyote who was stopping traffic.
In the car we went, back to the South Rim. We hiked a ways down into the canyon. We ate our dinner there, watching the sunset. Then it was back to camp for cocoa & smores (do they ever tire of these?)

Day 2

We tried to sleep in, but had a crew of ravens flying over our tents. So we got up, made coffee, cocoa & oatmeal. I packed lunches & lots of water. We cleaned up & we didn't see our campsite again until evening.
We explored the middle section of the South Rim today. Lots of window shopping took place also. Billy & Ricky got metal badges for their hiking sticks. They collect one from each National Park we hike in. CJ found his treasure at the last store we went to, it was a Christian store, so we were glad to support them.
Our first view of the Canyon was absolutely incredible. No photo we took did justice in showing the Canyons color, width or depth. Even the boys were frozen in awe. It is truly a contemplative place.
We took advantage of the free shuttle bus to take us to each new area we wanted to explore. Because we got to the park too late for the entry booth to be open we weren't given a map. We just went where our fancy led. We had a relaxing day-really. We walked a lot, but it wasn't hard.
We listened, shortly, to a free concert. We toured historic buildings, art galleries & museums.
The really wacked out, completely strange thing that happened was the weather! It was humid & muggy-hot & yucky!! That is, except for one spot. We could see this black rain cloud from a long way off. It didn't move, the way clouds seem to as you draw close to them. The closer we got, the closer we were, period. As we finally reached the cloud we realized it was hailing. Big , hard hail balls! We could see all around us. Outside of the clouds cover the dirt was dry. The rocks were dry. The sidewalk was dry. As surely as it stayed put before our arrival, it did the same as we departed. We turned around in absolute confusion. We starred in utter disbelief at the scene before us.
We went back to our camp & we were greeted by a family of Elk. mama's, babies & even daddy-o. They were all very willing to participate in a photo shoot. We grabbed dinner, smores & cocoa as we watched the stars come out over the canyon.

Grand Canyon Road Trip day 1

We started out the door at 6:00 in the morning. So you know that means Jeff & I were up at 5:00. Basically the boys hit the bathroom & went back to a zombie state in the car. I had packed breakfast & lunch for everyone the night before. As each boy came to, I gave him breakfast. They were numbed out watching movies until around noon. Jeff & I enjoyed watching the sunrise.
We stopped at Calico Ghost Town . We used this spot to have a picnic lunch. We took a tour of the Maggie Gold Mine. We did the hike around the town & up into the outskirt hillsides. The kids did some window shopping as well.
When we got back in the car it was school time! Jenny sent what she wanted CJ to do. Billy & Ricky had their assignments as well.
We stopped in Baker for Gas, drinks etc. The biggest reason for this stop was to get a picture of the worlds largest thermometer. At one stop CJ & Ricky found Scorpion lolypops. I really thought Ricky would buy one, but he didn't.
We saw the most beautiful rainbow just before sunset. It was a double rainbow! We saw it stretch before us, the whole bow. It beheld the most brilliant color scheme. Each of the colors of the spectrum were more vividly displayed then any of us had ever seen!!
We made a quick stop in the historical "route 66" town of Williams Arizona. The boys got a kick out of all the neon lights & crazy designs. As a matter of fact we talked about architecture from that era all through out the day. The interesting pendulum of the stone age & the space age in simultaneous existence.
We arrived to our beautiful wooded campsite at around 8:30 that evening. We quickly set up tents, made a fire, made & ate dinner....& smores & we were off to bed.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"I have never let my schooling interfere with my


-Mark Twain

Friday, October 10, 2008

etc... etc... etc...

I have finally (I'm a bad person) sent Melissa (my sister-who asked me over a month ago) the answers to the questions for her magazine on decorating.

Melissa if you read this blog, its in print. I'm sorry.

If you look at the dates on this blog,you'll see two things.
#1 I wasn't here much last month.
#2 I have been trying to play catch up.

Our month was crazy!
-We started off with really bad colds-all 4 of us. Yes I mean we started the school year-the 1st week of school sick.
-We were waiting on Billy's stinkin' math curriculum to show up, which by the way, was ordered in plenty of time to be here before school started. Due to a lazy staff, terrible company service & an unsatisfactory product we have been fighting with that situation all month long. So he is now a month behind in math.
-We have been house training a puppy.
-Ricky has wounded every part of his body (just kidding) But he has had a sprained thumb, some how managed to get cuts on his feet, hands, arms & legs (not all at the same time-but like a constant trickle). He had a huge scratch from an industrial strength tape dispenser right across his face-don't bother asking....
-Ricky's sprain caused us to lose some school work time. He wasn't writing anything for two weeks. He did read ahead over a month in his reading assignments, so that should help some. But writing is physically hard for him-this has been a challenge.
-For some wacky reason we decided to take a vacation to the Grand Canyon (more on that later) in the middle of all this drama.
-We have been surrounded by sorrowful news of marriages ending & little children in hospitals. Bad news seems to come in waves. When it rolls around, I get to the point that I don't want to answer the phone or read my email.

All this while trying to establish ourselves in our new school year. Ricky new to Jr. High & Billy new to High School.

I had my melt down this last weekend & now I'm doing much better. I have just pressed send on my responses to Melissa's questions. My house looks like someone cares. I have exhaled.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The 1st week of school

Monday~Traditional 1st day back gifts & Breakfast
Peddlers Faire
Hoe Down
Wednesday~Youth Group had a Movie Night
Friday~Contra Dance
Swim Party/BBQ/Volleyball
Saturday~Hike Fresno Dome & Picnic
Sunday~Laser Quest

Here's to many more fun times!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What do you eat for breakfast?

I was asked this question not that long ago. I had to stop & think, what do we eat for breakfast? To be honest, if it were up to me, we would have cold cereal every single day all year long. I am just lazy in the morning. I'm not ashamed, I admit it. Even if we aren't going somewhere, even if were not in school, I just don't wanna!
In the colder months we are more likely to eat Cream of Wheat or Malt-o-meal, made with milk. Grits with salt, butter & bacon. Oatmeal with...... you name it. I really don't know why we aren't creative with the other three choices but with Oatmeal we are. Applesauce & Raisins, Apricots & Honey, Maple Syrup & Cranberries, Brown Sugar & Butter etc....
We also use a lot of leftover meats such as ground beef, chicken, steak or turkey in Breakfast Burritos, Omeletes, Breakfast Casseroles, Breakfast Skillet Meals or Breakfast Pizzas. We make "Mc Vincents" with leftover hamburger patties & whatever bread substance we have laying around. Be it Toast, English Muffin, Croissant, Bagel its all good! We like leftover Salmon with Cream Cheese on some sort of Carb as well.
When we need to clear the fridge from a bunch of fruit that needs to be eaten NOW we make Smoothies, Breakfast Parfaits or just plain old Fruit Salad.
All three guys like Peanut Butter Toast or Peanut Butter & Butter in a rolled up Tortilla. If I do Peanut Butter I prefer Elvis Toast.
My boys like to make Pancakes, Muffins or Waffles. "The works" is also high in demand. You know Bacon or Sausage, Eggs with or without Chorizo, Hash Browns etc... Sometimes I do allow that level of a mess. Even I, at times, have a craving for Biscuits & Gravy, Country Fried Potatos, Scrambled Eggs stuffed into a over sized soft Dinner Roll or Tostaditas y Huevos.
We have traditions as well. For back to school, 100th day of school, camping, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Birthdays etc...
Well I'd really rather everyone have a Bowl of Cereal. Rinse their bowl, put it in the dish washer & walk away!
But I guess that would just be too boring.

Girls in White Dresses........

.....with Blue Satin Sashes. Snow Flakes that stay on my Nose & Eyelashes. Silver White Winters that Melt in Spring. These are a few of my Favorite things.

I Just Love The Sound of Music! I Used to Watch it with My Mom & Sisters Every Year. Now I Make My Family Watch it Too!

These are a Few of my Favorite Things!

~Babies Fresh From a Bath in Terry Cloth PJ's
~Baby Animals (Even the Baby Rhino we saw at the San Diego Wild Animal Park was Cute!)
~Ice Cold Sweet Tea
~A Clean House
~Walking Barefoot on Lush Green Grass
~Beautiful Sunrises & Sunsets (My favorite time of day is dusk. These Hills look Golden, not Burnt!)
~Fresh Snow on Tree Branches & Wooden Fences
~The Sound of Laughter (A Babies Giggle, Smiles on my Whole Family)
~Big Fluffy Clouds
~Watching Water Glisten on a Lake or on the Sea.
~Mexican Food
~The Freedoms Being American Offers Me (Homeschooling, Attending the Church I choose & Eating whenever I want to)

Try to be Thankful Today! Shower your loved ones with Affection. Let down your Guard. Find Joy!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tantilizing Creativity

My family loves Ice Cream! Jeff, who really doesn't dig the whole sweets thing even loves Ice Cream. We all have our favorites. Jeff loves Mint Chocolate Chip. Billy keeps things simple with French Vanilla. Ricky loves CHOCOLATE, but will eat just about any type...he's a team player! That is until I come around. "I like experimenting, but you push the limit too far", says Ricky. This coming from a kid who ate a Chocolate-Covered Cricket!!! I like fresh & exciting flavors! I love Jalapeno's mixed with berries cut into rich French Vanilla. I've been dying to try Gilroy's famous Garlic Ice Cream. My latest craving is for Olive Oil & Sea Salt Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. All I have to say is don't judge a book by its cover! I have experienced many wonderful concoctions with flavors I would never dream of pairing up....but it works!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

7th & 9th Grades yikes!!!

Ricky (7th Grade)
English-Building Securely-Rod & Staff (Includes Compositions)

Math-Horizons Mathematics

Science-General Science-Apologia

History-Streams of Civilization #1 (Incorporating Narration & Dictation)

Literature-List of Reader (Incorporating Narration & Dictation)

Pre-Logic-The Fallacy Detective
-The Thinking Tool Box
-The 5 Minute Mystery Series

-Private Guitar Lessons
-Music Ace Deluxe
-Guitar Videos, Cd's & Books
-Private Key Instrument Lessons

Spelling-Sequential Spelling

Copy Work/Penmanship-Spencerian Penmanship
-Copy Books -Memoria Press

(P.E. , Homeschool Style @ June Lake)

Billy (9th Grade)
Spanish-Rosetta Stone Year 1

Math-Harold Jacobs Algebra

Composition- Jump In-Apologia


History, Literature & Theology-Omnibus (Ancient & Biblical Civilizations)-Veritas Press

Logic-Intermediate Logic-Cannon Press

-The Bembe Worship Project (Christian Preforming Group/World Percussion)
-CCBC Worship Team

Penmanship-Spencerian Penmanship
-Classically Cursive

(History, Homeschool style)

Both R & B
-Chitudo (Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Escrima & Ju Jitsu)
-Trails (Geocaching)
-Hike (Sierra Nevada Live Club)
-Snow Board
-Boogie Board
-Rock Climb
-Yard Care
-Mountain Bike
-Skate Board
-Cal. Arts Dance Lessons
Etc Etc Etc..........................................

-Cooking -List of 25 Recipes each picked out
-List of Holiday Favorites
-Weekly Bread Making
-Learning to make Knots, Bends & Hitches
-Drawing-List of "How to Draw..." books
-Concerts (Orchestra, Symphony, Jazz Bands, Ethnic Celebrations & Favorite Bands)
-Plays, Operas, Art Museums
-General Photography (including contest entry)
-Wood Working-
-Outdoor Bunny Play Yard
-Treehouse Maintenance & Additions
Oral Reading/Presentation -McGuffey's Readers

-List of Books, Videos & TV Shows
-Animal Care
-Nature/Field Studies
-Out door Science Camps
-Zoo Camp
-Weather Station, Sundial, Bird Feeders Etc....in Yard

-List of Books, Videos & TV Shows
-Historical Sites

Volunteer Work
Aug: Help w/ WGTB
-Sept: Fresno Food Bank
-Oct: Fresno Rescue Mission
-Nov: CCBC & BEST Operation Shoe Box
-Dec: World Impact Christmas Party
-Feb: Fresno Rescue Mission
-April: Walk for Life (Central Valley Right to Life)
-June: Teach @ WGTB Camp
-July: Gleanings for the Hungry, Fruit Season

Religious Studies
CCBC Youth, Morning Service & Sunday School
-Daily Proverb
-Daily Prayer Journal
-Intrduction to Christian Philosophy-Conrad Jarel

-The Peacemaker For Teens-
-Plants Grow Up-Doorposts

(Geology, Homeschool Style @ Grub Gulch Miners Cave)

Friday, August 1, 2008


I sit here alone today going through a pile of paper that I have scribbled notes about interesting fieldtrips I'd like to incorporate. I'm trying to wrap my brain around which homeschool group activities I'm going to participate in & which ones I will pass on. I also have community opportunities & family/friend get togethers to consider. I'm scratching my head trying to squeeze as many as is reasonable onto the calendar.
I ask myself "How could anyone in their right mind think these kids wouldn't be socialized"
Isn't it silly that we are questioned on socialization?! I wonder why it is that more people aren't concerned with what our children are learning vs who they play with on a particular day. Not that I want people coming up to me for the purpose of dissecting my curriculum, but I digress.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

My list of items I don't want to Homeschool without

  1. Bed Chairs
  2. Car School Case Organizer
  3. Sticky Tabs (Thank you Dori for introducing us)
  4. Cell Phone
  5. History, Discovery,TLC, HGTV, Food Network etc..
  6. Net Flicks
  7. A Huge Basket of big pink Erasers & a Box of Yellow #2 pencils
  8. Big Fat Binders & Lots of Dividers
  9. Backpack Prepacked for Fieldtrips/Natures Studies (Compass, Clipboard, Binoculars, Travel Easel etc..)
  10. Day Planner (For Myself, Each Kid & J)
  11. Giant Wall Calendar (For Family Area & J's Office)
  12. Lap Desks
  13. Support Group & other Mom's to cry/laugh with
  14. Every Closet, Drawer, Cabinet Organized before the School Year Begins (Each Summer)
  15. Membership Fees (& Outside Classes/ Activities) set aside for Fall
  16. Curriculum Bought at beginning of Summer to insure time to plan
  17. Goals & Attendance Sheets etc...
  18. Reading, Computer, Audio/Video, Extra Curricular & PE Logs etc...
  19. All those Printed Punched & inside page protectors & placed in Binders(Thank you Jenny for page protector idea)
  20. School Desks Organized
  21. Science Experiment Gear Organized
  22. Game/Craft Cabinet/Area Organized
  23. 4 Electric Pencil Sharpeners (we can't seem to share)
  24. 3 Hand Held Sharpeners a Piece (Car, Desk & Backpack)
  25. Camera
  26. Slide on Shoes
  27. Timers
  28. Alarm Clock
  29. Calendar filled in for the year w/ family vacations already in place
  30. State Testing Days on the Calendar
  31. Quarterly Parent Get Away Planned to Regroup & Discuss Goals( No we don't go out of town. We have someone take our kiddos over night. Even though they don't need sitters any longer, we need focus)
  32. File System in Place
  33. Report Cards (On Card Stock) Printed
  34. Sport Equipment Sizes Updated (Snowboards & Bindings, Mountain Bikes Tuned, River Shoes, Sparing Gear, Gees etc..)
  35. School/Year Book Picture Outfit Bought (Hangs in Closet not be touched until picture day)
  36. Robes & Ughs & Lots of Hots Drink Choices
  37. Car Trash Can
  38. Car CD & Cassette Player (Lectures on the go)
  39. Lunch Box & Backpack for Co-op Days
  40. Daily Schedule Decided on.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm a Wanna Be ...

Most everyone knows I'd love to live in Maine. Yes, I do know it's cold there. And no, I don't believe it is the one spot not affected by the sin curse. Of course everyone also knows only Jeff has actually stepped foot on Maine soil. Although I really don't see what about that is such a big deal. After all people, who have never been, say they want to live in Hawaii all the time & no one ever thinks they're nuts. Since most everyone wants to know what the big deal is in regards to Maine I'll tell you a thing or two. Here are 20 reasons why I want to live in Maine.

(Vincent and Homestead cross streets in Cape Elizabeth, ME)

#1 Many Colors of Fall
#2 Loons & Chickadees
#3 Moose & Puffins
#4 Moxie
#5 Forests that Cover Most of the State . Yet leaving enough room for Farmers Markets to thrive & Horses to gallop.
#6 Crisp Clean Air, Blue Skies & Bright Stars
#7 Snow & Ocean in the same spot
#8 Fresh, affordable Lobster in abundance
#9 Jagged Rocks & Crashing Waves with Enough Sandy Beaches w/ Good Waves for Summer Pleasures
#10 Smell of Salty Air & Pine Needles
#11 Sunrise Coming over the Ocean
#12 Fiddle heads, Maple Sugaring & Wild Blueberry Barrens, Lilacs, Pussy Willow
#13 Its Green!!!!!
#14 Sound of Rain, Often Enough not to be a Faint Memory
#15 Stillness that Snow Brings, & the sound of it crunching under your feet, especially at night
#16 Outdoor Ice Rinks & Community Sledding Hills
#17 Neighbors who Actually Talk
#18 All the Water Ways (Lakes, Rivers, Streams & Ponds)-Their Ponds are what we call Lakes.
#19 Lighthouses & Historic Architecture (Aesthetically Pleasing)
#20 Hunting & Fishing Wonderland

However God obviously wants us here for now. So here we remain. Business is good. We have good company. Good health. Yosemite is 30 minutes away. It could be worse.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Spotted Bliss

When Ricky was a baby he was introduced to 101 Dalmatians, the Disney film. He was instantly in love. I don't know why, he just was. As soon as he was able to articulate the words he began asking for a Dalmatian. He even had his own word for them. He called them "Puppies" & all other dog breeds he called "Gogs"
Ricky continued to ask for a Dalmatian for 11 of his 12 years of life for every single Christmas & every single Birthday. He received many toys, book, clothes, posters, bedding and even movie sound track cd's-but no real puppy.
Our friend, Jenny, told me "You really need to get that kid a Dalmatian". Well did you notice that our two dogs are of mixed breeds? Can you say cheap? Also after getting a 2nd big, hyper dog, there was no way I wanted to add a 3rd!!! Well, Jenny said to me "He has to have a Dalmatian & I'm going to get one for him...someday".
So when I knew our Larry was going to be put down, I called Jenny. I like having two big dogs up here. Besides, Leroy needs a buddy. The Grandparents, us & the Shugerts with Jenny at our lead found Edison Boaz. He is perfect. He is the cutest little thing, a charmer.

Jenny & I drove to Aptos to pick up Eddy Bo. He threw up on me 4 times on the ride back to her house. There we waited until Jeff brought our boys. Jenny sat in her room with camera in hand ready to get Ricky's reaction on film. We all expected him to be wild & hyper when he found out the Dalmatian was his. But he didn't, he cried! It was a sweet moment & I'm glad Jenny nagged us.

Thank you Jenny.

Thank you for loving our Ricky.

Thank you for being a good friend.

We love you very much.

What a Week!

When it rains, it pours. We woke up Tuesday morning to a very depressed house hold, especially our German Shepard/Chocolate Lab, Leroy.
Yesterday was still lingering on everyones heart when Billy & Ricky went out to feed our Goats, Callie & Maggie only to find a pack of wild dogs in our yard. We all ran outside, but it was too late, the goats were done. We were devastated.
Now before you think our girls were just live stock, let me assure you they were not! We purposely picked these goaties because they were bottle fed & kid smothered. We actually got them earlier then we were supposed to because the Mama had too many babies & wasn't able to feed them all. The owners had to completely bottle feed them, so they asked if we would like that experience. Wow, that was exactly what we were looking for!
We set out on our new exciting endeavor. We intended on milking them when they were old enough & even keeping a few of the babies. We took Callie & Maggie on a walk every day. They were completely leash trained, no I'm not kidding. They ate from our hands. If we sat on the ground, they sat in our laps. They were like puppies actually. Our girls loved when company came over. They loved to follow the kids around.
One of the memories that will forever be etched in my mind is our two boys, two dogs & two goats running up and down our hillsides together. Everyone happy, everyone with a stick in hand or mouth. Yes, even the Goats. The boys had hiking sticks, the dogs wanted you to play catch & the goats always had a snack for the road.
Okay, we are nuts, we spoiled our goats. So what of it, we had fun. We made wonderful memories & we miss them terribly. Our hearts burn with sorrow. Our yard is quiet, the stillness is overbearing.
We have kept our Leroy in the house, only going outside to potty. Today is Saturday morning & he has just found out that two more of his playmates are gone. He is very mopey. He has stopped looking out the window for Larry to come back, he knows that isn't gonna happen. He understands everyone is gone. Poor baby.

What is a Larry?

When our boys were 2 & 4 we got Larry, our black dog. The boys are now 12 & 14 & Larry 9 & 1/2. Larry Boy was the type of dog everyone dreams of having as part of their family. He was "Nana", like in the movie Peter Pan. He believed with everything in him that Billy & Ricky were HIS responsibility.
Larry loved life! He went on vacations with us. He loved to go for car rides. He had an obsession with sticks, frisbee's, balls, basically anything he could get you to throw for him. Larr let babies crawl on & take toys from him. He was always patient, always loving.
Larry loved everyone, everyone loved Larry. As a matter of fact I can't even tell you how many times we have gotten phone calls with parents asking what kind of dog Larry was, what training he had or where we bought him, they wanted their very own Larry. For the record he was 1/2 McNab & 1/2 Black Lab, he was our McLab.
Three years ago Larry began showing signs of hip Dysplasia. We went through a list of diet changes, exercises & medicines to keep him with us as long as possible. We even got him a puppy. Leroy did bring a bounce back to Larry's life, for about 2 years anyway.
Monday morning we had to put Larry down. It was time, he was no longer our "Larry Boy" the pain made him too uncomfortable. It completely broke our hearts & we will forever miss our Larry Baby.