Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grand Canyon Road Trip day 1

We started out the door at 6:00 in the morning. So you know that means Jeff & I were up at 5:00. Basically the boys hit the bathroom & went back to a zombie state in the car. I had packed breakfast & lunch for everyone the night before. As each boy came to, I gave him breakfast. They were numbed out watching movies until around noon. Jeff & I enjoyed watching the sunrise.
We stopped at Calico Ghost Town . We used this spot to have a picnic lunch. We took a tour of the Maggie Gold Mine. We did the hike around the town & up into the outskirt hillsides. The kids did some window shopping as well.
When we got back in the car it was school time! Jenny sent what she wanted CJ to do. Billy & Ricky had their assignments as well.
We stopped in Baker for Gas, drinks etc. The biggest reason for this stop was to get a picture of the worlds largest thermometer. At one stop CJ & Ricky found Scorpion lolypops. I really thought Ricky would buy one, but he didn't.
We saw the most beautiful rainbow just before sunset. It was a double rainbow! We saw it stretch before us, the whole bow. It beheld the most brilliant color scheme. Each of the colors of the spectrum were more vividly displayed then any of us had ever seen!!
We made a quick stop in the historical "route 66" town of Williams Arizona. The boys got a kick out of all the neon lights & crazy designs. As a matter of fact we talked about architecture from that era all through out the day. The interesting pendulum of the stone age & the space age in simultaneous existence.
We arrived to our beautiful wooded campsite at around 8:30 that evening. We quickly set up tents, made a fire, made & ate dinner....& smores & we were off to bed.

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