Friday, October 10, 2008

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I have finally (I'm a bad person) sent Melissa (my sister-who asked me over a month ago) the answers to the questions for her magazine on decorating.

Melissa if you read this blog, its in print. I'm sorry.

If you look at the dates on this blog,you'll see two things.
#1 I wasn't here much last month.
#2 I have been trying to play catch up.

Our month was crazy!
-We started off with really bad colds-all 4 of us. Yes I mean we started the school year-the 1st week of school sick.
-We were waiting on Billy's stinkin' math curriculum to show up, which by the way, was ordered in plenty of time to be here before school started. Due to a lazy staff, terrible company service & an unsatisfactory product we have been fighting with that situation all month long. So he is now a month behind in math.
-We have been house training a puppy.
-Ricky has wounded every part of his body (just kidding) But he has had a sprained thumb, some how managed to get cuts on his feet, hands, arms & legs (not all at the same time-but like a constant trickle). He had a huge scratch from an industrial strength tape dispenser right across his face-don't bother asking....
-Ricky's sprain caused us to lose some school work time. He wasn't writing anything for two weeks. He did read ahead over a month in his reading assignments, so that should help some. But writing is physically hard for him-this has been a challenge.
-For some wacky reason we decided to take a vacation to the Grand Canyon (more on that later) in the middle of all this drama.
-We have been surrounded by sorrowful news of marriages ending & little children in hospitals. Bad news seems to come in waves. When it rolls around, I get to the point that I don't want to answer the phone or read my email.

All this while trying to establish ourselves in our new school year. Ricky new to Jr. High & Billy new to High School.

I had my melt down this last weekend & now I'm doing much better. I have just pressed send on my responses to Melissa's questions. My house looks like someone cares. I have exhaled.

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