Friday, October 31, 2008

California Trippin'

Okay so I have this corky part of my personality. Yeah, yeah I can hear the jokes already. Anyway! I have a notebook separated by counties of California. Why? I make notes as we are traveling. I take flyers, I listen to what people say, I read magazines, books etc.. all to gain a little more knowledge about our state. I suppose I could sell it....really. I have hikes, camps, national, state & regional parks. I have family fun activities. I have all kinds of stuff. When I get new info I bring it home & throw it in a shoebox. Eventually I have time to check things out in more detail. When I do, I add those entries to my notebook. Insane? Yeah, maybe. But you know what they say, insanity runs in my family, well it gallops really.

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