Thursday, October 30, 2008

Busy days

The boys have been more busy than me. I have been cherishing some longed for time alone. I just wish I could have the time & not be sick. I certainly would be able to enjoy it more!!

Billy sorted & bagged beans while Ricky loaded & carried boxes of food items to crates at the Fresno Food Bank. They were both on a team of teens helping to design a teeshirt for the Fresno Rescue Missions new Teen Volunteer Program.

Both Boys have been taking Contra Dance lesson in preparation for the Civil War Ball this spring. Billy has been taking a series of classes at the Fresno School of Missions (an African praise & worship drumming class dealing with the book of Psalms)

Ricky has been playing Flag Football & Soccer at CHEFA's Sports Saturdays.

Although I like my peaceful lonesome time. It is great that we have kids that still want to be with us. Jeff & I both know we don't get to have them for too many more years. So we like to do something special just the four of us from time to time. Recently we went to the Corn Field Maze & out to dinner at Applebees afterward. We laughed a lot & had a really great time.

Believe it or not we actually canceled a lot of events this month due to sickness. We have never been this sick as a family. We are FINALLY feeling sooo much better! Heres to better health in November.

Today I had the Boys get out their travel book/memory book, oh whatever you want to call it! We haven't spent much time on these books lately. We were able to update them, well the written part anyway. I need to print a bunch of photos for each boy & then we will be caught up. hmmm, well until the next event away!

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