Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tantilizing Creativity

My family loves Ice Cream! Jeff, who really doesn't dig the whole sweets thing even loves Ice Cream. We all have our favorites. Jeff loves Mint Chocolate Chip. Billy keeps things simple with French Vanilla. Ricky loves CHOCOLATE, but will eat just about any type...he's a team player! That is until I come around. "I like experimenting, but you push the limit too far", says Ricky. This coming from a kid who ate a Chocolate-Covered Cricket!!! I like fresh & exciting flavors! I love Jalapeno's mixed with berries cut into rich French Vanilla. I've been dying to try Gilroy's famous Garlic Ice Cream. My latest craving is for Olive Oil & Sea Salt Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. All I have to say is don't judge a book by its cover! I have experienced many wonderful concoctions with flavors I would never dream of pairing up....but it works!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

7th & 9th Grades yikes!!!

Ricky (7th Grade)
English-Building Securely-Rod & Staff (Includes Compositions)

Math-Horizons Mathematics

Science-General Science-Apologia

History-Streams of Civilization #1 (Incorporating Narration & Dictation)

Literature-List of Reader (Incorporating Narration & Dictation)

Pre-Logic-The Fallacy Detective
-The Thinking Tool Box
-The 5 Minute Mystery Series

-Private Guitar Lessons
-Music Ace Deluxe
-Guitar Videos, Cd's & Books
-Private Key Instrument Lessons

Spelling-Sequential Spelling

Copy Work/Penmanship-Spencerian Penmanship
-Copy Books -Memoria Press

(P.E. , Homeschool Style @ June Lake)

Billy (9th Grade)
Spanish-Rosetta Stone Year 1

Math-Harold Jacobs Algebra

Composition- Jump In-Apologia


History, Literature & Theology-Omnibus (Ancient & Biblical Civilizations)-Veritas Press

Logic-Intermediate Logic-Cannon Press

-The Bembe Worship Project (Christian Preforming Group/World Percussion)
-CCBC Worship Team

Penmanship-Spencerian Penmanship
-Classically Cursive

(History, Homeschool style)

Both R & B
-Chitudo (Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Escrima & Ju Jitsu)
-Trails (Geocaching)
-Hike (Sierra Nevada Live Club)
-Snow Board
-Boogie Board
-Rock Climb
-Yard Care
-Mountain Bike
-Skate Board
-Cal. Arts Dance Lessons
Etc Etc Etc..........................................

-Cooking -List of 25 Recipes each picked out
-List of Holiday Favorites
-Weekly Bread Making
-Learning to make Knots, Bends & Hitches
-Drawing-List of "How to Draw..." books
-Concerts (Orchestra, Symphony, Jazz Bands, Ethnic Celebrations & Favorite Bands)
-Plays, Operas, Art Museums
-General Photography (including contest entry)
-Wood Working-
-Outdoor Bunny Play Yard
-Treehouse Maintenance & Additions
Oral Reading/Presentation -McGuffey's Readers

-List of Books, Videos & TV Shows
-Animal Care
-Nature/Field Studies
-Out door Science Camps
-Zoo Camp
-Weather Station, Sundial, Bird Feeders Yard

-List of Books, Videos & TV Shows
-Historical Sites

Volunteer Work
Aug: Help w/ WGTB
-Sept: Fresno Food Bank
-Oct: Fresno Rescue Mission
-Nov: CCBC & BEST Operation Shoe Box
-Dec: World Impact Christmas Party
-Feb: Fresno Rescue Mission
-April: Walk for Life (Central Valley Right to Life)
-June: Teach @ WGTB Camp
-July: Gleanings for the Hungry, Fruit Season

Religious Studies
CCBC Youth, Morning Service & Sunday School
-Daily Proverb
-Daily Prayer Journal
-Intrduction to Christian Philosophy-Conrad Jarel

-The Peacemaker For Teens-
-Plants Grow Up-Doorposts

(Geology, Homeschool Style @ Grub Gulch Miners Cave)

Friday, August 1, 2008


I sit here alone today going through a pile of paper that I have scribbled notes about interesting fieldtrips I'd like to incorporate. I'm trying to wrap my brain around which homeschool group activities I'm going to participate in & which ones I will pass on. I also have community opportunities & family/friend get togethers to consider. I'm scratching my head trying to squeeze as many as is reasonable onto the calendar.
I ask myself "How could anyone in their right mind think these kids wouldn't be socialized"
Isn't it silly that we are questioned on socialization?! I wonder why it is that more people aren't concerned with what our children are learning vs who they play with on a particular day. Not that I want people coming up to me for the purpose of dissecting my curriculum, but I digress.