Saturday, August 2, 2008

7th & 9th Grades yikes!!!

Ricky (7th Grade)
English-Building Securely-Rod & Staff (Includes Compositions)

Math-Horizons Mathematics

Science-General Science-Apologia

History-Streams of Civilization #1 (Incorporating Narration & Dictation)

Literature-List of Reader (Incorporating Narration & Dictation)

Pre-Logic-The Fallacy Detective
-The Thinking Tool Box
-The 5 Minute Mystery Series

-Private Guitar Lessons
-Music Ace Deluxe
-Guitar Videos, Cd's & Books
-Private Key Instrument Lessons

Spelling-Sequential Spelling

Copy Work/Penmanship-Spencerian Penmanship
-Copy Books -Memoria Press

(P.E. , Homeschool Style @ June Lake)

Billy (9th Grade)
Spanish-Rosetta Stone Year 1

Math-Harold Jacobs Algebra

Composition- Jump In-Apologia


History, Literature & Theology-Omnibus (Ancient & Biblical Civilizations)-Veritas Press

Logic-Intermediate Logic-Cannon Press

-The Bembe Worship Project (Christian Preforming Group/World Percussion)
-CCBC Worship Team

Penmanship-Spencerian Penmanship
-Classically Cursive

(History, Homeschool style)

Both R & B
-Chitudo (Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Escrima & Ju Jitsu)
-Trails (Geocaching)
-Hike (Sierra Nevada Live Club)
-Snow Board
-Boogie Board
-Rock Climb
-Yard Care
-Mountain Bike
-Skate Board
-Cal. Arts Dance Lessons
Etc Etc Etc..........................................

-Cooking -List of 25 Recipes each picked out
-List of Holiday Favorites
-Weekly Bread Making
-Learning to make Knots, Bends & Hitches
-Drawing-List of "How to Draw..." books
-Concerts (Orchestra, Symphony, Jazz Bands, Ethnic Celebrations & Favorite Bands)
-Plays, Operas, Art Museums
-General Photography (including contest entry)
-Wood Working-
-Outdoor Bunny Play Yard
-Treehouse Maintenance & Additions
Oral Reading/Presentation -McGuffey's Readers

-List of Books, Videos & TV Shows
-Animal Care
-Nature/Field Studies
-Out door Science Camps
-Zoo Camp
-Weather Station, Sundial, Bird Feeders Yard

-List of Books, Videos & TV Shows
-Historical Sites

Volunteer Work
Aug: Help w/ WGTB
-Sept: Fresno Food Bank
-Oct: Fresno Rescue Mission
-Nov: CCBC & BEST Operation Shoe Box
-Dec: World Impact Christmas Party
-Feb: Fresno Rescue Mission
-April: Walk for Life (Central Valley Right to Life)
-June: Teach @ WGTB Camp
-July: Gleanings for the Hungry, Fruit Season

Religious Studies
CCBC Youth, Morning Service & Sunday School
-Daily Proverb
-Daily Prayer Journal
-Intrduction to Christian Philosophy-Conrad Jarel

-The Peacemaker For Teens-
-Plants Grow Up-Doorposts

(Geology, Homeschool Style @ Grub Gulch Miners Cave)

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