Saturday, July 26, 2008

Spotted Bliss

When Ricky was a baby he was introduced to 101 Dalmatians, the Disney film. He was instantly in love. I don't know why, he just was. As soon as he was able to articulate the words he began asking for a Dalmatian. He even had his own word for them. He called them "Puppies" & all other dog breeds he called "Gogs"
Ricky continued to ask for a Dalmatian for 11 of his 12 years of life for every single Christmas & every single Birthday. He received many toys, book, clothes, posters, bedding and even movie sound track cd's-but no real puppy.
Our friend, Jenny, told me "You really need to get that kid a Dalmatian". Well did you notice that our two dogs are of mixed breeds? Can you say cheap? Also after getting a 2nd big, hyper dog, there was no way I wanted to add a 3rd!!! Well, Jenny said to me "He has to have a Dalmatian & I'm going to get one for him...someday".
So when I knew our Larry was going to be put down, I called Jenny. I like having two big dogs up here. Besides, Leroy needs a buddy. The Grandparents, us & the Shugerts with Jenny at our lead found Edison Boaz. He is perfect. He is the cutest little thing, a charmer.

Jenny & I drove to Aptos to pick up Eddy Bo. He threw up on me 4 times on the ride back to her house. There we waited until Jeff brought our boys. Jenny sat in her room with camera in hand ready to get Ricky's reaction on film. We all expected him to be wild & hyper when he found out the Dalmatian was his. But he didn't, he cried! It was a sweet moment & I'm glad Jenny nagged us.

Thank you Jenny.

Thank you for loving our Ricky.

Thank you for being a good friend.

We love you very much.

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