Thursday, July 31, 2008

My list of items I don't want to Homeschool without

  1. Bed Chairs
  2. Car School Case Organizer
  3. Sticky Tabs (Thank you Dori for introducing us)
  4. Cell Phone
  5. History, Discovery,TLC, HGTV, Food Network etc..
  6. Net Flicks
  7. A Huge Basket of big pink Erasers & a Box of Yellow #2 pencils
  8. Big Fat Binders & Lots of Dividers
  9. Backpack Prepacked for Fieldtrips/Natures Studies (Compass, Clipboard, Binoculars, Travel Easel etc..)
  10. Day Planner (For Myself, Each Kid & J)
  11. Giant Wall Calendar (For Family Area & J's Office)
  12. Lap Desks
  13. Support Group & other Mom's to cry/laugh with
  14. Every Closet, Drawer, Cabinet Organized before the School Year Begins (Each Summer)
  15. Membership Fees (& Outside Classes/ Activities) set aside for Fall
  16. Curriculum Bought at beginning of Summer to insure time to plan
  17. Goals & Attendance Sheets etc...
  18. Reading, Computer, Audio/Video, Extra Curricular & PE Logs etc...
  19. All those Printed Punched & inside page protectors & placed in Binders(Thank you Jenny for page protector idea)
  20. School Desks Organized
  21. Science Experiment Gear Organized
  22. Game/Craft Cabinet/Area Organized
  23. 4 Electric Pencil Sharpeners (we can't seem to share)
  24. 3 Hand Held Sharpeners a Piece (Car, Desk & Backpack)
  25. Camera
  26. Slide on Shoes
  27. Timers
  28. Alarm Clock
  29. Calendar filled in for the year w/ family vacations already in place
  30. State Testing Days on the Calendar
  31. Quarterly Parent Get Away Planned to Regroup & Discuss Goals( No we don't go out of town. We have someone take our kiddos over night. Even though they don't need sitters any longer, we need focus)
  32. File System in Place
  33. Report Cards (On Card Stock) Printed
  34. Sport Equipment Sizes Updated (Snowboards & Bindings, Mountain Bikes Tuned, River Shoes, Sparing Gear, Gees etc..)
  35. School/Year Book Picture Outfit Bought (Hangs in Closet not be touched until picture day)
  36. Robes & Ughs & Lots of Hots Drink Choices
  37. Car Trash Can
  38. Car CD & Cassette Player (Lectures on the go)
  39. Lunch Box & Backpack for Co-op Days
  40. Daily Schedule Decided on.

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