Saturday, July 26, 2008

What a Week!

When it rains, it pours. We woke up Tuesday morning to a very depressed house hold, especially our German Shepard/Chocolate Lab, Leroy.
Yesterday was still lingering on everyones heart when Billy & Ricky went out to feed our Goats, Callie & Maggie only to find a pack of wild dogs in our yard. We all ran outside, but it was too late, the goats were done. We were devastated.
Now before you think our girls were just live stock, let me assure you they were not! We purposely picked these goaties because they were bottle fed & kid smothered. We actually got them earlier then we were supposed to because the Mama had too many babies & wasn't able to feed them all. The owners had to completely bottle feed them, so they asked if we would like that experience. Wow, that was exactly what we were looking for!
We set out on our new exciting endeavor. We intended on milking them when they were old enough & even keeping a few of the babies. We took Callie & Maggie on a walk every day. They were completely leash trained, no I'm not kidding. They ate from our hands. If we sat on the ground, they sat in our laps. They were like puppies actually. Our girls loved when company came over. They loved to follow the kids around.
One of the memories that will forever be etched in my mind is our two boys, two dogs & two goats running up and down our hillsides together. Everyone happy, everyone with a stick in hand or mouth. Yes, even the Goats. The boys had hiking sticks, the dogs wanted you to play catch & the goats always had a snack for the road.
Okay, we are nuts, we spoiled our goats. So what of it, we had fun. We made wonderful memories & we miss them terribly. Our hearts burn with sorrow. Our yard is quiet, the stillness is overbearing.
We have kept our Leroy in the house, only going outside to potty. Today is Saturday morning & he has just found out that two more of his playmates are gone. He is very mopey. He has stopped looking out the window for Larry to come back, he knows that isn't gonna happen. He understands everyone is gone. Poor baby.

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