Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm a Wanna Be ...

Most everyone knows I'd love to live in Maine. Yes, I do know it's cold there. And no, I don't believe it is the one spot not affected by the sin curse. Of course everyone also knows only Jeff has actually stepped foot on Maine soil. Although I really don't see what about that is such a big deal. After all people, who have never been, say they want to live in Hawaii all the time & no one ever thinks they're nuts. Since most everyone wants to know what the big deal is in regards to Maine I'll tell you a thing or two. Here are 20 reasons why I want to live in Maine.

(Vincent and Homestead cross streets in Cape Elizabeth, ME)

#1 Many Colors of Fall
#2 Loons & Chickadees
#3 Moose & Puffins
#4 Moxie
#5 Forests that Cover Most of the State . Yet leaving enough room for Farmers Markets to thrive & Horses to gallop.
#6 Crisp Clean Air, Blue Skies & Bright Stars
#7 Snow & Ocean in the same spot
#8 Fresh, affordable Lobster in abundance
#9 Jagged Rocks & Crashing Waves with Enough Sandy Beaches w/ Good Waves for Summer Pleasures
#10 Smell of Salty Air & Pine Needles
#11 Sunrise Coming over the Ocean
#12 Fiddle heads, Maple Sugaring & Wild Blueberry Barrens, Lilacs, Pussy Willow
#13 Its Green!!!!!
#14 Sound of Rain, Often Enough not to be a Faint Memory
#15 Stillness that Snow Brings, & the sound of it crunching under your feet, especially at night
#16 Outdoor Ice Rinks & Community Sledding Hills
#17 Neighbors who Actually Talk
#18 All the Water Ways (Lakes, Rivers, Streams & Ponds)-Their Ponds are what we call Lakes.
#19 Lighthouses & Historic Architecture (Aesthetically Pleasing)
#20 Hunting & Fishing Wonderland

However God obviously wants us here for now. So here we remain. Business is good. We have good company. Good health. Yosemite is 30 minutes away. It could be worse.

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