Tuesday, December 2, 2008


#1 Jeff is Superman. Okay, he may not leap tall buildings in a single bound. But he rescues this frazzled mama with a single bag. He waltzes through the door with chocolate, soda, Mexican food & a movie. He turns my whole world around.

#2 Jeff remembers Oct. 5th every year. This is one of his favorite days. Its the day I said I'd "go steady" with him. We were 15 years old.

#3 Jeff loves to brush my hair. He has even learned to french braid. Billy & Ricky, wanting to be just like their Dad, started playing with my hair as well. This mostly took place while I was sitting down reading to them when they were little. I looked like a Rastafarian by the time all was done.

#4 Jeff loves people. Jeff talks to everyone even the waiter/waitress at restaurants end up sitting & chatting with us when we go out to dinner. Jeff pulls me out of my shell.

#5 Jeff is spontaneous and romantic. He comes home from work to grab me to watch the sunset over the lake. He writes sweet emails throughout the day. He always reaches for my hand as soon as I sit down in the car.

#6 Jeff is a goofball. He busts out in song & dances like Axel Rose to make me laugh when I'm sad. He tries to pick my nose...with straws...while he's driving. He puts fries in his mouth & acts like a walrus..in restaurants. He makes retarted puppet shows until Billy, Ricky & I laugh so hard we cry.

#7 Jeff loves being a Dad. He could hardly wait to meet & hold our babies-he was bursting with anticipation. He loves rough housing, teaching and listening. Being a part of as many moments in their lives as he can. He is grateful to be self employed & thankful for the oppurtunity to homeschool as these endeavors allow him more time with our sons. He will do anything in his power to help them accomplish their dreams.

#8 Jeff loves the Lord. He studies His word. he enjoys breakfast meetings with our pastor plus sunday school & church services. He cherishes leading our family studies. He gets sparkle-eyed when people call or email or text him to "talk God". When we turn on the car after he has been in we normally hear a sermon. If you walk in his office or look on his bedside table your likely to see an open bible with the latest passages he's studying. Jeff wants to please the Lord. He wants to live in His will & praise God through all life's bumps & curves.

#9 Jeff is my knight in shining armor. He doesn't stand for people mistreating me. He will always come to my defense. If there is a wrong to right, a problem to solve, a question to answer he goes riding off into the sunset telephone or email in hand......

#10 Jeff loves adventuring. He loves seeing new places. He enjoys a good hike, swim or drive. He is an amazing photographer. He really likes capturing bits of nature on film. He's game for just about anything. he has a real adventurous spirit.

#11 Jeff is my encourager. He nudges me to try new things. He complements my cooking, decorating, drawing & writing. He's my biggest fan.

#12 Jeff is 33 today! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Jeff! Happy Birthday to you!

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