Thursday, December 4, 2008

What ever happened to class?

We went to go see the Fresno Philharmonic preform"Beethoven lives upstairs" at the Saroyan Theater. It was a very good show. And although pushed as an elementary performance my Jr High & High School kids enjoyed it. There were several other "teens" at the performance as well. I heard that some Moms bought the book or rented the movie instead of bringing their older kids, that's too bad. Why do we let other people decide what is age appropriate?
As I said the performance was wonderful. The tidbits about Beethoven brought his music to life! We even got to talk to some of the Philharmonic Musicians after the show, which was a treat. I just wish that schools/parents taught their children/youth how to behave at these sorts of events. I am sick of the sea of whoops & hollers! This is not a football game people! It was a challenge for the performers to focus & continue. This is a common situation. Time & place people, TIME & PLACE!!!!!

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