Sunday, December 7, 2008

Billy & Ricky have changed living quarters

Ricky is in what was their joint bedroom. Billy is in what was their music room. When we moved in here we set the music room up for WGTB & BTB practice. Both boys have released that part of their world. So the room was really not necessary. Instrument practice is actually easier separated since they aren't playing anything together.
The only immediate draw back is the whole TV thing. They bought a Wii & wanted to put it in the Music Studio with a TV they would start to save for. I was okay with that plan. I am not okay with TV's in the bedroom. So if you have your own TV. They thought it over & agreed to the terms.
They moved. They have been enjoying the wide open spaces. They both have plans for what they want to do with their "new" rooms. Some of those ideas will come to fruition this Christmas.
Billy spent Friday night at Justin Pools house & Ricky spent all day Saturday at Bowen Cunnings house so this was pretty much a one evening deal. They started Saturday evening before & after Worship practice and ended Sunday morning before church.

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