Sunday, December 14, 2008

Life along the way

I have been watching him since the beginning of last least. Peach fuzz was visible, but not much beyond that. Well yesterday, first thing in the morning, I looked to the top of the staircase & saw Billy sporting a mustache. That's it! I can't handle looking at a 14 year old with facial hair.
I broke the news to Jeff while we were out running errands. He picked out Billy's first razor (in a sulking manner). This morning he gave Billy his first lesson in shaving. Jeff taught him about the whole face because Billy also has a good amount of peach fuzz on his cheeks & chin. I'm thinkin' as fast as Billy is changing this was a good plan.
Billy has changed a lot. He has armpit hair, chest springys, he smells (deodorant is a must), has pimples & his voice is changing. He is taller than me. He wears a size 11 shoe. His hair has become incredibly curly. This morning he backed the 4 runner out of the garage by himself & then he & Ricky packed all the recycling stuff.
I am finding every time I turn my head, when I turn back, I see that something has changed in life along the way.

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