Friday, December 5, 2008

Well it happened again...

When Leroy first began to show signs of hormonal changes he & Larry fought over food. They had their little tiffs. Leroy was left with a scar on his snout. For the next few months Jeff monitored every meal. He was ready to discipline any dog who was trouble makin'.
Fast forward to the present. We have an Adult Leroy & an up & coming "teenager" Eddy. Thanksgiving evening we were late getting home. The dogs, therefore, were late in getting dinner. B&R feed the dogs as usual & walked back into the house. (they are fed in the garage because we can't keep Kansas out of their bowls.) Anyway we heard a loud yelp & went to investigate the crime scene. Long story short-Jeff is monitoring dog dinners again. Eddy has a bite out of his front leg that we are doctoring. Leroy has a new extension to the original snout scar. Apparently that's the place to "get" him. By the way no one is grouchy. Both dogs appreciate the others company. It is just a food thing.
Nope, no vicious killers here. Just two dogs that need to know they can't throw temper-tantrums because they want whats in the other guys bowl. The most frustrating part is that we just got over kennel cough. When Eddy ran away he brought back that gift & shared it with Leroy!
Remind me why I have dogs????

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