Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We are surrounded by talent

As a child my Dad played us songs on his guitar & sang to us. He never made it big, but he was in a local band & did put out a few albums. He also drew crazy cartoons & made up silly stories. Those two things have carried over into my house. I draw & make up stories, Jeff makes up stories. Ricky plays the guitar & loves to sing. Billy's in a local band...they put out CD's.
My Mother & Grandmother made my siblings and I doll clothes, blankets well even dolls for that matter! They made hats, mittens, afghans & scarves etc... When my babies were born they made them sweaters, booties & blankets as well.
I married into a family with domestic artists. Jeff's Mom does needle point & sewing etc... Jeff's Grandmother & Great Aunt & Aunt all made my babies blankets, booties & sweaters as well. Ceci, one of Jeff's Aunts even tough my boys to knit. They have made me scarves, socks & even knitted bracelets. Ceci makes some awesome socks. She gave Jeff & I each a pair...we love them!
Jeff has some very talented artist in his family, each with its own flair. We have the privilege of sporting some of that artwork around our home.
Our friend Nathan is a budding artist. We do have one example of his work (hint..hint..). We recently added Ms Hannah's artwork to our decor. She is the 12 year old buddy to our boys. She entered her work in an Art show & did quit well! We liked her work so much we asked her to duplicate it for an empty wall in our room.
We are blessed to have such talent surrounding us. Thank you to everyone for what you add to our world.

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