Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday

It is a time set aside for us as families to come together, be grateful & recognize that we do need each other. Its rich in history & tradition. Most important of all though, its a reminder for us to place our trust where it belongs, in Christ alone. Regardless of circumstances each of us face, we must know it is He who is in control. Christ has not left us, He is in our midst. We can only read a small fraction of the story as it plays out-but God knows every depth twist & turn. We cannot understand how he orchestrates this world but make no mistake...He does!
This IS His country, I stand tall and thank Him for it. Even though the current situation looks helpless, I have faith in Him. I know God is righteous and His sovereignty will continue to reign. We have His glory here with us.
We are not ONLY go to Christ with our sorrows, but also with our joys. Thanksgiving is a time to do just that. Of course Christ is our comforter & He does hear our fears and difficulties. However he deserves our gratitude as well.
For our family (Jeff, Billy, Ricky & I), in our home, before the celebrations begin with extended family, we take a quiet time of reflection. One by one we share the things we are most grateful for. I take comfort in knowing my children are soaking up this recognition of authority and gratitude toward Christ. Each year as we share our thoughts they surprise me with their depth and variety.
Thanksgiving is humbling and reassuring, it is my joy.

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