Monday, November 17, 2008

Adventuring with Huey & Dewey........

This was a fun filled weekend.
Friday Jeff & I went on a date etc. Billy & Ricky (Huey & Dewey) went to a Contra Dance lesson, dinner with their friends & a Bible Face off, Operation Christmas Child, game playing, dessert eating night.

Saturday We finally made it over to the Underground Gardens. Very impressive! This was of course sandwiched between soccer, music practice & a fencing project.
Sunday We hiked The Way of the Mono Trail after church (Bass Lake) with the Orazem family. We had a lovely picnic lunch at the summit with an wonderful view of the lake & some nice fall colors. We moved our party down to the lake, then over to the patio outside of the Starbucks/Jamba Juice area, and finally to their house for a pizza dinner & video games. A simple 1 hour-ish hike turned into a whole day together.

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