Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Big Fresno Fair

We went to Educational Day at the fair, which got us in free! I'm so glad I no longer have kidlets. I always felt the need to go over the history of the fair, its importance yada-yada-yada.....I mean they let us in for free. The boys have the story down, so I'm done.
We watched the pigs races, looked at giant produce, rocks, art, watched break dancers & ate our favorite Fair Foods.
Since today was also Christian Day we stayed after all the schools went home. Then it was off to the Midway. Billy & Ricky had earned enough money from their Grandparents to buy wrist bands for the whole day. So off they went to this ride & that ride over & over again!
We ended our day at the Newsboys Concert, one of Billy & Ricky's favorite bands. They were Awesome!!
We all had a great time. The boys had enough money left over to buy a Newsboys Souvenir.

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