Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Marine World?

Marine World is no more. It is now called Discovery Kingdom.

Yesterday we went to "Homeschool Day". We got in for a discount price, less then half of the original amount. The park was closed to the general public so even with all the homeschoolers, the lines were minuscule, very cool.

The park is much different now. When I went as a teen the emphasis was on the animTals. Now its the thrill rides. Don't get me wrong, I liked the rides & there was quit a few animals opportunities. I was just reminiscent of when my Mom, Monica & I went. I have always talked about that trip & wanted to take my family. I was disappointed in that I didn't get to share my memories with them. But, we made new awesome memories.

We went on every big & moderate ride, some even twice. We scared ourselves out of our wits! The bird show was neat, I love hearing them talk. I was reminded of the majesty of the feathered kingdom. The dolphin show was a treat, they are so sweet. We have decided to do the dolphin encounter program next year. Of course the killer whale show was our favorite. We sat right in the front, in the middle. Billy & Jeff got off easy, just a slight sprinkle. Ricky & I got a bath! I planned for that, I brought a change of clothes for everyone. We spent a lot of our time looking at walruses, seals, sea lions, giraffes etc.. We really liked the animal exhibits. An unforgettable moment was when Giant butterflies landed on Ricky & Billy.

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