Thursday, November 13, 2008

Electronic Devices

Jeff & I represent different ends of the spectrum on the subject of electronics.
When our boys were younger I had my thumb firmly planted on the situation. As little guys they knew the phrase, "no more electronic devices" They were only allowed a certain amount of time, period. That included T.V., movies, radio & computer games. When I left for an afternoon or evening B & R got really excited. It was party time! No time limits with Dad.
Over the years Jeff has seen the error of his ways. He began making the boys run off steam as well as preform manual labor duties. Then the three would sit down for video games or whatever with no time limit.
I have let go of the electronic noose. I have seen the light, so to speak, of Net Flicks. I order many educational or time period movies to supplement our schooling. Now that B&R are older & stay home alone from time to time they play more video games. I kinda like that because I know they aren't getting themselves into mischief, they are numbed-out in front of the TV. I have submitted to movies I don't like as they have gotten older, things I would never watch but the guys enjoy. I've succumbed to the cellphone because I like the ability to call my sons when they are away & vis-versa. I've allowed the ipod to enter our world although I don't like it attached to my boys. I think that makes it too easy to go off into your own world. Books on tape, Music CD or the radio are on a lot around here. We ultilize music, typing & foreign language computer programs.
We do block their ability to get on the computer if we are not home. They will NOT have TVs or computers in their rooms. Jeff regularly monitors their my space & email accounts. No video games, radio, emails or my space is allowed until all school work & chores are completed.
Hey, look at me, I'm writing a blog. It wasn't that long ago that I wouldn't even use the computer. I'm still in the world of "rarely use your cell phone". It's who I am. I would rather share some tea & chat face to face. I would rather see kids making projects, exploring outdoors, experimenting with different art mediums. theres is so much to life, so live it, don't watch it!
Billy & Ricky have finally bought their beloved wii. They worked real hard for it. I'm proud of them for setting a goal & accomplishing it. They have been trying to convince me all along that the wii is great for exercise. So last night I watched them play. It is true, you can get a good work out, if you choose the right settings. I would still rather see them hike our property etc....

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