Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chi-Tu Do

When Jeff was growing up he wanted to do the whole martial arts thing, there was a summer session or something that he attended...the end. When Billy & Ricky were little guys they began asking if they could be "Karate-Men". We put them off. We didn't want to mess with the whole mysticism aspect common to the martial arts community/programs.
Fast forward to our 1st year of Homeschooling. We were at the Fresno Homeschool Convention when Jeff noticed his buddy on a continual play video showing a martial arts program for Break the Barriers. He stopped & asked the booth attendants about the guy who was teaching in the video. They said he didn't work there anymore & told Jeff he was teaching up in Oakhurst. A phone call was made & that was the start of the Vincent involvment in the Cunnings Chitudo journey.

The name Chitudo means "The Way of Christ" in Korean. They are members of the Christian Black Belt Association. They have badges for memorizing the 10 Commandments, Beatitudes & Amendments of the Constitution.

They pray as they start each class. They have a Warriors Code "To live a life of honor,. embracing my duty to God, family & my fellow men, upholding justice and mercy with courage & humility."

This is a mixed art consisting of Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Shiho Karan Ju Jitsu & Kabaroan Eskrima.

Now? All these years later? All three guys are still going strong. Jeff is now teaching the Children's class & the Adult class. Billy is a Jr. Black belt & a Jr. Instructor. Ricky is moving along quit well & will be there soon himself. They have made some wonderful friends along the way.
The school has been meeting in the local High School. They have recently attained a building of their own. These are exciting times for the Cunnings crew & my family. I pray this dream comes to fruition quickly & easily.

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