Monday, November 10, 2008

These are the days of our lives......

Yep, more drama!

First off, last weekend we made plans for this weekend...didn't happen.

Instead of soccer, seeing Madagascar 2 at the theater, going to a 4-H fundraiser dinner in Lemoore & Christmas shopping. We went to the emergency room (in Hanford), went to the aid of a dear friend (in the Chos) & worked on putting up an invisible fence for our turkey-butt Dalmatian & Chocolate Lab.

Eddy, our Dalmatian ran away. He was frightened by the thunder & lightening storm. We called, we posted, we prayed, we waited. He was gone for 3 days, but we do have him back with us. However, now he knows how to leave & has tried. He is on house arrest until we get the invisible fence up. Unfortunately it began to rain as the guys were working on that project. It is only half done. Guess what next weekend entails....

Sunday was a little more fun. After church Billy & Ricky went to a missionary friends going away party. Jeff & I took a long drive through a forest of autumn colors & ate some comfort food at a local diner. We picked up Kung Fu Panda on the way to get the boys, which we watched that evening. It was Billy's turn to cook. He made Spicy Shrimp Scampi w/ Linguini & a Green Salad.

We did manage to get school pictures & shop for our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes (x6) done this week. We had a nice visit with the Orazem girls & the guys all enjoyed the special Chitudo sessions with Ramero. The week wasn't completely wacked.

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