Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friendship Widens Our World

Sometimes in friendships you take the time to do activities you may otherwise not pursue.
For example my Jacki loves skating. She is even on a roller derby league. She has instilled the love of skating in the hearts of her family as well as mine. We have been roller staking and ice skating over the last few months together, just like we have for years. We are brewing another trip soon as well.
Austin & Aubrey have joined the Yosemite Fitness Rock Climbing League. Jet & Dori use this to remain in shape themselves (like preparing for their trip to Everest) Rock Climbing is a huge part of their lives & they share that with us. This weekend, like several other times over the years the Vincents & the Lims tackled walls together.
Moving up to the foothills has put us contact with people who are showing us off-the-beaten-path areas we may not have ever known about.
Thank you all for enriching our lives.

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