Friday, February 27, 2009


Jeff & Ricky have been taking Aikido together, but for separate reasons.
Jeff is endeavoring to sharpen his skills consequently bringing these new traits to his Chitudo instruction & of course personal knowledge. It's good for the teacher to continue renewing knowledge & understanding.
It was actually kinda of funny when his students found out he was taking classes from another school, they freaked out! They were very protective their school/art. They asked Jeff if his Chitudo instructors knew what he was doing (like he was sneaking around) Jeff explained that they encouraged him to pursue this, so all ended well.
Ricky has different gifts & struggles as God has graced. He is taking Aikido to learn to walk light, establish consciousness of every minute bodily movement. These skills, quite frankly, will help him tremendously in every area of his life.
Jeff began taking these classes first. This Dojo only hosts adult classes. Jeff asked if they would be willing to let Ricky join in the class he was taking. They agreed to a trial bases, if Ricky could behave (not interrupt) & keep up (not need extra instructional time) he could stay.....he passed.

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