Thursday, February 26, 2009

Okay, so about the coffee woes

I have a little problem with breaking carafes. So a few years back Jeff bought me a coffee maker with a metal carafe. Unfortunately as I was taking it out of the box I dropped it. Yes, I broke it. Well, a chip fell off the plastic rim & a big dent was created on the side of it. I decided not to replace it assuming I would just repeat the offense. I was content with my silly looking carafe. Eventually the coffee maker its self stopped working (not my doing) We needed to replace it, but couldn't afford the price tag of a metal carafe. Of course glass was not happening!
Becky lent us her old-time percolator, which stopped working soon after we received custody. It had a faulty wire that had been tweaked a few times. Her percolator lived a long and purposeful life. Yet it came to my kitchen to die!
The next product came straight out of our garage. Yep, we used our camp coffee percolator. The all-metal campfire one. We used this for a while. Sometimes we did have chewy coffee. Especially the lucky one who was blessed with the last cup. It was hard to ignore its hoaky appearance, although it was a conversation starter.
Ron & Ceci gave us a thermal metal carafe coffee maker for Christmas. We have enjoyed it very much.....thanks bunches.

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