Saturday, February 28, 2009

The CHEFA Fine Arts Faire

CHEFA ( Christian Home Educators of the Fresno Area) puts on a great show every year. This is an opportunity for children of all ages to showcase their talents. There are two aspects to this project, performance & displayed arts.
Billy & Ricky are in the CHEFA Drama class. For the last few months they have been learning to mime. Their instructor split the class in half for the Fine Arts Faire. The girls performed a serious song while the guys song was real goofy. Earlier in the year they had homework assignments to create a mime to their own chosen song. Billy apparently did a wonderful job because his teacher asked him to preform this solo at the Faire. He mimed "colored people" by DC Talk.
As for the display section Billy & Ricky entered two photographs a piece. Ricky's 1st picture was of snow being rushed onto our window by a heavy wind with the trees in the yard beyond that. His 2nd picture was a misty-foggy sky with naked tree branches & the shadow of a sparrow. Both pictures look black & white, however it is just nature's coloring at that moment. Billy's 1st picture is of a spectacular winter sunset of red, orange & yellow against the naked black -looking branches. His second photo is interesting. The top half looks like a black and white photo of the mountain side & trees. While the bottom half looks like green grass & a field of yellow flowers. Again, just God's handy work, no trick photography. We had these blown up to 8 by 10's & framed. Look for them the next time you visit our home.
One special aspect of the Fine Arts Faire every year is the involvement of Jeff & Becky (Jeff's parents). Of course I have always done things in my own little school with my boys in preparation of this event, but so have they. Becky oversaw & photographed a Biblical herb garden that B&R planted tended & dried. Then they baggied & labeled the herbs. I helped the boys finish the project by overseeing recipes made for each herb, taking photos of that & placing it all together in a book. Becky also oversaw the tracing, stuffing & sewing of all the internal organs of a human body. These were then velcroed to a cardboard cut out of Ricky. As the boys have grown older she has been replaced by Jeff Sr. The guys have turned their attention to woodworking & the beginnings of metal working. He has helped in making a catapult, swords, shields & battle axes.
This year he was on duty overseeing Ricky make true Boomerangs. One is wooden & the other is fiberglass. Billy, being in high school, needed a more impressive project. So Jeff oversaw him make a bar dip, push-up/pull-up system.
I am grateful for CHEFA & the Grandparents for the hard work & opportunities they give my boys.

Thank you!!!

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