Monday, February 9, 2009

They Lied to me!...Twice!

When Billy was born ....& again when Ricky was born "they" said I was gonna have "it" easy. Well "they" lied! Boys are not cheap! With all the instruments, activities & sporting goods...let me tell you, its not cheap!
And that's before the real growing began. Billy has really challenged our bank account the last couple of years. He is growing out of shoes, pants & shirts. Ricky is creeping up right behind him. Every time I turn around, someone needs some article of clothing.
And the hormones! I was told, things would be simple. They are not! I have randomly regenerated hormones flowing through my house every day.
However, I will say this, the relationship I share with my boys at this age is precious. I know that I will miss all the drama, chaos & just plain noise when they are gone. So I am grateful for it all.
A lady at church, who has grand kids my boys age, told me if I will let it happen, this will be the time we can grow closer together. She says, when you are going through a wheels fallin' off the cart time & you want to scream, say to yourself "is this what I want them to remember about our home?" I'm glad she said that, it will stick with me.
Its hard to remember when one of them comes down the stairs in a foul mood , that this is a special time to be cherished. This happened today & the cranky-pants didn't even know why he was upset. I was able to send him right back up to the shower & by the time he came back down, he also forgot he was upset!

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