Saturday, June 26, 2010

What curriculum do you use? Part A

 I have been asked this question many times over the last little bit, so I decided to write it all down here as a reference point to those who want to check it out. I think this will be easier for everyone. This will eliminate the need to email the same information every few months. I won't have to remember titles on the spot and those who want this will have instant gratification! How's that for a win-win situation!
  I have listed my top choices for as many subjects as I could deal with right now. I will have another whole post soon, Part B.  I hope you find this and the next installment helpful.

*Apologia Sciences
*Home Training Tools
*Tobin's Labs
*Answers in Genesis
*Institute for Creation Research

*Learning Adventures
*Veritas Press
*Lamp Post
*Beautiful Feet
*Streams of Civilization #1 & #2

*Blue Stocking Press
*Teen Pact Leadership School
*Vision Forum
*Generation Joshua
*Constitutional Law for Enlightened Citizens

*Economic Thinking
*10 Talents
*Blue Stocking Press (yes you just saw this in the Government selection)
*Foundations in Personal Finance
*A to Z Home's Cool

*Horizons Math Series\
*Fun Books
*~Harold Jacob's Math Curriculum (can be bought from the website listed above, not just fun supplements)~
*Ask Dr. Callahan
*GW School Supply (wonderful manipulative)

*Sequential Spelling
*Wordly Wise
*Board/Card Games
*Free Vocabulary: Simply write out the words your child doesn't quit those
*Free Spelling: Simply keep a running list of words your child miss spells...create tests from that

*Jump In: A Workbook for Reluctant and Eager Writers
*Story Starters
*Veritas Press
*Writing Strands
*One Year Adventure Novel (Notes: I have not used this one however it comes highly recommended by many dear friends)

*Mc Guffey's Readers (Oral Reading, Dictation & Narration)
*Grammar Rock (School House Rock CD & VHS)     //
*Building Christian English Series
*Poetry, Shakespeare and Guides to Literature
*Study Guides for Literature     //

*Explode the Code Series
*123 Read
*Noah Websters Reading Handbook
*Five in a Row Series    /
*Reader Rabbit CD Rom Series

*Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
*Handwriting Without Tears
*Spencerian Penmanship Series
*Classically Cursive
*Draw Write Now Series

*Latina Christiana Series
*English From the Roots up
*Rummy Roots
*Supplemental Readers
*Prima Latina Series

*Introductory & Intermediate Logic
*Bluedorn Book Series
*Art of the Argument Series
*Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle
*Five Minute Mysteries Series


Brit said...

Great resources! Exactly what we want to know, your school sounds so great..I just got a book called The Everything Homeschool Book, I don't believe I am organized enough to start this with my kids!

Charity Anne said...

Oh I'm sure you will do just fine. It is a learn-as-you-go thing for sure...I'm glad you found this list helpful. I hope to have the 2nd part up soon! In the mean time you have a book to read over the summer, that is so wonderful. I read my way to where I am right now...pulling a bit from here and a bit from there along the way.

Anonymous said...

Sweet website, I hadn't noticed previously during my searches!
Carry on the excellent work!