Thursday, April 7, 2011

BBQ Cups, experience the yum!

I have been collecting recipes, and writing a bit of a story about each one to boot! I do this for my sons despite the crushing fact that they don't seem to really care about this cookbook thang. I am banking on the fact that one day they will understand just how special this is. You know, a family heirloom sort of treasure. If not at least I have my niece Elizabeth. Five years ago she leaned over my shoulder and saw me writing out a story about a recipe. She was thrilled with my explanation about this endeavor. She continues to ask me about it. With the encouraging, "when do I get my copy". Or the annoying, "aren't you done yet".

On to the point. One recipe is from the kitchen of Grandma Debbie, my good friend Jenny's mom and Elizabeth's Grandma. Debbie made BBQ Cups while her kids were growing up. When Jenny became a momma herself she carried this on. One fine day (when the clouds parted and heavenly light beamed down on a kitchen platter) she made these tasty bits for my sons. They love, love, loved them! I asked for the recipe and as they say "the rest is history"!!

Anyway when I saw the following entry over at Rocks in My Dryer I just had to share it! She has such a great visual presentation, much better than any recipe site I searched! So anyway, go to the store, get the ingredients and get your cup on! You can thank me later for this wonderful, simple goodness...

BBQ Cups @ Rocks

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