Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Sons

My boys are growing up on me. They are more independent with every passing year. That's as it should be, yet they are working me out of a job. I have enjoyed every stage of their lives...every age. Challenging? Sure, but also a joy.
 Let me tell you a bit about my affectionate, fun loving, bold, reckless, adventurous baby boy. Oh how he loves to sing all through the day, every day. He also loves to give big bear hugs & is full of sweet gestures. He is incredibly generous. He is supportive, loyal & kind. He is a real prince charming. He genuinely wants to help people. He is the hardest worker you will ever meet. He loves to work with his hands, he loves to tinker with things. He is an intuitive problem solver. He is willing to be anyone's ever ready sidekick, he doesn't feel the need to have the light shine on him. All of these things make him a great leader. I've always thought it neat that Ricky was born in late Spring as the trees are full of lovely fruit & grapes are heavy-hanging on the vines, they are busting full of enthusiastic life, so is he! Speaking of food, he loves to bake us up yummy treats & he really rocks the BBQ! Ricky is outgoing. He is creative. He's gentle, but he is a mans man! He is action defined! He is Mr. rough & tumble through & through! He is our bold & adventurous thrill seeker! He is our lover of outdoors & emergency preparedness is his game.  He loves all things martial arts. He loves to converse with anyone on politics, theology & weaponry. He is funny, he loves to laugh & I love to laugh with him. Oh I just adore this guy.  Ricky is always my youngest baby, yet nearly a man.

 Now let me tell you a bit about my devoted, reflective, quick witted, talented, ever eager first born son. He loves to play all things percussion, his favorite being the West African djembe. His love for circling the globe doesn't end with instruments. He's also into cooking us up exotic foods as well as trying new foods cooked by others. He's eager to travel the globe seeing artifacts & Gods creation. He loves exotic animals, whether in land or sea. His sometimes gruff seeming exterior is instantly melted by small children & the elderly, letting you see his truly gentle spirit. His intellect is visible in his writing & speaking expressions. Given enough time, he could see straight through a brick wall. His words are as smooth as butter & and as meticulously piercing as a knife. He shares his brothers love for martial arts as well as discussing politics, theology & weaponry...imagine what my living room looks like! He loves to run, it seems to free his mind & challenge him to new heights. Billy isn't always active; he stealthily watches people & he really likes just. being. together. Billy has a keen discerning eye for the finer things in life, he recognizes quality or the lack there of. When Billy creates things they are done with precision & focus. The year that Billy was born, his birthday landed on Mothers Day. Yes, that's right, he was my very first Mothers Day gift! I should've known then, it was a sign of things to come, he has never gone"the expected route".  So many circumstances made his arrival a difficult journey. Billy is my miracle, I am so grateful to have him. Billy has a deeply sarcastic, dry sense of humor &  I love it! The more he grows, the more fun it is to talk to him. Billy is morphing like a caterpillar he's coming out of his coma a new ((awesome))) creature. Billy has grown up so much this year. He has experienced many firsts such as his first job & first college classes. He received his drivers license as well. I have heard good reports back on his work ethic & I can attest to his calmingly (is that even a word?)great driving skills. I have one official year left with my oldest baby, I cherish it, I cherish him.

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