Monday, January 2, 2012

Good bye 2011!

Since last I wrote we've had an amazing summer, a wild fall and a fantastic holiday season full of wonderful traditions. Which is great. We also had a few changes. Which could've been a bummer, but turned out great as well. The lastest of those was on Christmas Eve.


Back up.

Billy & Ricky are growing up (read plotting their exit). So when the day arrived that they sat and discussed their favorite holidays I was, well... flabbergasted. Rest assured, after picking myself up off the floor due to the shock of the clinging going on, I took note of their voiced special memories. Christmas Eve was at the top of the list.

Oh great! We always go to the same snow park & eat dinner at the same funky diner. Also, we had guests.


I called many ski lodges, no one had any snow. No one expected any snow till well after New Years. 

Plan B. & a family meeting later we decided on going to ice skating in Yosemite.

We all piled in the cars and headed up the highway. After a short pit stop to grab some lunch & shop at a favorite store, we were on our way to behold the beauty of Yosemite. It never gets old & is super-cool to share the awesomeness with people who have never been before, which was the case for two of our extras. After leaving the ice skating rink we headed out of the park & down to a favorite mountain top Mexican restaurant. It wasn't tradition, but it was incredible none-the-less.

Saying goodbye to 2011 was such a thrill on New Years Eve. We have a great time with this every year. I was so pleased to hear that my sons feel the same way. I feel like I got a tiny glimpse of what they'd like to incorporate into their adult lives...when that day comes.  Then, of course New Years Day was filled with shooting guns & eating beans haha! 

Oh this three week long Christmas/New Years vacation has been heaven sent. We were all just done. Our medicine? Well...there's been lots of video game playing, movie watching, book reading, texting, shopping, cooking, staying up late, sleeping in late, sleep overs, get togethers, junk food eating & general merry making.

I am thrilled to welcome 2012 with all of it's potential & wonder!

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