Friday, January 9, 2009

Life on our Roller Coaster

  • Saturday B&R spent the day working at Camp Haze & then B had music ministry practice & R had sound/recording system work at the church
  • Sunday First came sunday school & morning service where B&R had their church equipment/music moments. All the guys got hair cuts. We bought a 20 gallon ice chest (to fill with groceries) & went to dinner with Mike & Angela. (we also made a pit stop @ their house).
  • Monday night B&R spent time at Yosemite Fitness with Austin & Aubrey. They had a great time on the rock climbing walls! They also enjoyed learning new games at their house later that evening. Jeff & I were at a Homeschool meeting
  • Tuesday was the 1st Chitudo night in the new building.
  • Wednesday we stayed home (yeah for movie night!)
  • Thursday was the 2nd Homeschool meeting we attended for the week. B&R caught up on more movies.
  • Friday B&R went to the bookstore, out to lunch, Ice skating, out to dinner & dance lessons. I went to the 3rd (and I think last, at least for a while) homeschool meeting.

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