Tuesday, February 2, 2010

If you don't know...well now you know

   I love me some game playin'! I 've been known to get a little excited while at it too. I'm probably the most exuberant of the bunch, like a crazy person at moments. Yes, she of the Vincent tribe is a real game goober. So it's great that I married a man who also enjoys an impromptu flee to the game closet...or bookcase, cuz that's where the pretty ones are stored...or that one over on the side table. Psst...I love you Jeff! Oh! Is it any wonder that we have raised us up a couple of gamers?
    Now I'm not talkin' bout this highfalutin' new fangled video game phenomena. Rather I'm referencing the plethora of card games and board games available to families. Games where wisdom is dispensed, brains are stretched and families conversate therefore bonding. Yeah, that type.
   It's amazing to me when I hear that families don't play games together anymore. Especially when you consider the games on the market for every age and any personality. I remember watching my Grandfather play Parcheesi on his front porch with the neighborhood men, I tell my boys this every time we play. I'm sure they rolls their eyes. I remember playing the memory game with my Grandma as a little girl. Then watching her play the same game with my sons. Now I watch them play the same game with their toddler cousins. Then reminisce with their older cousins about "games" gone by. My brother, Eric, bought Billy & Ricky a game called "Don't wake Daddy" when they were little. It was kinda like their real life, because Daddy worked nights at the time!
  Apparently word leaked out that Billy likes playing games. For every year that he was part of We Got The Beat, a children's percussion group, he received a Connect Four game. Yes. Every year. Not only that, but one year he also received a Connect Four game from my brother Jimmy, My Mom and the Shugert family. Although it was a pain to return each and every extra Connect Four game we kinda miss the "tradition" now that Billy has out grown the game. Speaking of  little ones, when Ricky was just 5 and 6 years old he played with CHEFA's Chess team. I still remember my tiny guy carrying his own chess board. He was so serious about his "appointment". This was big time! I remember playing Hi Ho Cheerios, Candyland and Go Fish. Too bad no one will play those anymore. They are still fun. P.S. Isn't it funny how many little kids call Go Fish "Gold Fish"
  Though none of us have enough time to do a Chess club or any thing of the like we still find time here or there to play a game. Both boys look forward to games night with friends and family. These can be well planned out or super last minute. Games are just fun. Come on you know its true. Just give yourself over to them. Of course pretty much every American knows the joys of classics like Uno, Twister and Stratego. Maybe you've even heard about Swap, Blockus or Settlers of Catan. If you've happened by our house and stuck around long enough for the games to pop out you've probably been harassed persuaded to play those along with us. If you've ever been on a road trip or camping with us then surely your have played candy poker, Hit the Deck or Charades. The last game night we went to Ricky played Categories and had a blast. None of us had ever played before. Hmmmm, Grandma's take note!

  *Side stepping for a sec. The Grandma's buy games at Christmas that are not to be tampered with until New Years Eve. This is an  awesome  tradition that started when we had tots we needed to entertain on a long night.

   We always enjoy ourselves. However the best times are on rare lazy days and it kinda just happens. Hang out with my teenagers. Eat food. Play cards. I love that!

These are only a few stories I chose to paint. We have enough for a gallery. If I have succeeded in convincing you to grab your people and get your game on. A nice thought of gathering around a table in time for some Super Bowl half time bonding. Here is our list of THE 12 BEST GAMES EVER (and also how my boys were introduced to each game) for you to utilize. No. I mean it. Go for it baby!

  *Battleship (a few tutorial lessons from Bobby & Henry , then it was passed down)

  *Uno (from me!!! "All is fair in love & Uno")

  *Hit the Deck (Meme put it in their stocking)

  *Swap (Bought to play with my aging Grandmother. We we searching for a way to enjoy spending time with her. Most especially time for her to share with my boys before God called her home....She cheated at that game, I tell ya she did. That turkey!)

  *Apples to Apples (Again Meme one Christmas. This game is played almost every time the kids have a party or sleep over)

  *Monopoly (Uncle Jimmy. This is like the longest game known to man kind. They play it every time CJ comes to stay with us...for the week. Or when we used to go to the beach with Jeff's parents...for the week!!

  *Risk (Granny bought this for Christmas in a nice wooden box...she is responsible for all the wooden games on our shelves)

   *Clue (Another Granny Christmas purchase. She even bought them the movie "Clue" which just made the game even more fun)

   *The Memory Game (Grandma T. (as B&R call her) gave me the original one she played with my siblings and I when we were little. Hey come to think of it she had a game closet too. Maybe this is all her fault influence. You know I do realize my kids are too big for this game. However I say it belongs on this list do to its sheer power to get them to sit still FOR A VERY LONG TIME!)

   *Blink (A stocking gift from us. I was awesome...now Billy has passed me up. Someone please go buy this game and study hard. When you at once become awesome, come immediately to my house and give Billy a proper beating! I will provide food)

   *Candy Poker (Papa Jim & Aunt Ceci taught them how to play a few different games actually. The fire caught and now they host gatherings with each guest bringing their sweet of choice, basically everyone ends up with a trail mix of sorts.

    *Chess (Papa Jeff, Dad (Jeff) and Aunt Mary all added to this knowledge. My sister Bethany bought the game)


Jeff Vincent said...

You have never lived if you have not played Uno with us; just try not to sit next to the boys... they take special glee in slapping a 'Draw 4 Wild' card on you. It's not so much the cackling that they do it's the pointing that is demoralizing.

Shirin said...

Love the game ideas. I detest most games and tolerate them at best, but then there's those I LOVE! and I will play... and I want to win.... and I want to play again... until we're at least even... but for some reason, my youngest has the gift of winning which she inherited from her paternal auntie who, for as long as I can remember, has introduced our family to some really cool games! What memories!

Adam Lipert said...

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From reading your blog, it is obvious that you not only love these types of puzzles but are quite knowledgeable about them as well. We would be honored to send you a puzzle, free of charge, if you would kindly write a review for us on your blog.

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Adam Lipert

Jen Shugert said...

I just love your writing Charity. You really pull your readers in. I too am a game person. I need to make more time for game nights. My whole family enjoys them.

Charity Anne said...

Thanks for the compliment Jenny & Adam...I look forward to it.