Friday, February 5, 2010

They really are tasty little morsels

Brussels sprouts.
Yes I'm serious.
I can't even begin tell you how many people have suggested they "smell like dirty socks & taste even worse".  I've never had that experience myself. Out of curiosity I did manage to get a few ladies to share with me the way they were taught to serve these yummy veggies up.
Interesting fact.
They all made them the same way.
I recently bought a bag of Brussels sprouts. I did something I've never done before. I flipped the bag over to see if cooking instructions were provided. Sure enough, there read the same ol' recommendation I've been hearing about time and time again.
Well my dear sweet readers this is one instance I am going to insist you don't listen to your elders. Just abandon their Brussels sprout ideals. Do not fear the outcome instead rejoice in the freedom of a new day, a new way! Step away from the old plan all you Brussels sprout haters.
Yes it's true there is another way, you don't have to boil them. My Grandmother taught me how to make Brussels sprouts while spending a weekend with her, when I was a young girl. That is how I've continued making them all these years later. It never occurred to me that Grandma's way wasn't the norm, I didn't get the memo. As a matter of fact Regina is the only friend I've ever met who cooked hers up "like Grandma used to make." Go figure.
So what did Grandma do anyway? Well. She cut them in half and sauteed them in butter, minced garlic and salt. That's all folks.
Sometimes butter really is the only answer. Go ahead give it a try...I dare you.


Jim said...

one can not cook without butter.

Charity Anne said...

"One can not cook without butter"...ancient Chinese proverb

Shirin said...

The butter and the garlic got me hooked. My BF insists they are wonderful and I've had my head in the sand all these years trying to shed the memory of the boiled brussel sprout. Don't know how BF cooks them...hmmmmm.....she's a good enough BF to not make me eat them... but when they are in season I WILL try them, Sam I Am, I can try them, Yes I can! Thanks for the suggestion, Charity-Anne!

When ARE they in season?

Charity Anne said...

Shirin, I have never really paid attention to their season. I see them, I buy them...they are a Costco right now, that I know.