Monday, May 3, 2010

Okay so I'm brilliant

According to a pass-me-down magazine I received from my mother in law, who is great for the pass-me-down magazines. Every now and again she surprises me with a biggo bag of happiness. I get to sit down and veg out finding treasure amongst the pages. Check this out........

"Yellow, the brightest color in the spectrum, promises optimism with its positive energy. Serve breakfast on a bright yellow plate (I have both cereal bowls and plates that are yellow) to give your whole family a cheerful start to the day. Boost your mood with yellow (I have yellow bits of this and that in decor around my house)

You see yellow is my favorite color. I love yellow things.  Apparently I am brilliant....and, um... I host such positive energy!!! Teh-hee


Jeff Vincent said...

This actually proves what I've said for years ... you truly are Mary Poppins; practically perfect in every way. You know this about yourself and somehow you manage to not come off as arrogant. ;-)

Charity Anne said...

Alright now...hahahah I was just foolin...turkey!