Monday, March 7, 2011

The hidden costs of a Winter Retreat

The conversation that started it all....

R: "Mom can we go on the Winter Retreat?"

Me: "What? Wait. The Winter Retreat?"  "Oh yeah, I guess it is still winter."

B: "Huh?"

Me: "Well we've had the windows open all week...and most of last week. The sun was shining so brightly we had the air conditioner on in the car a few days already. Sure doesn"t feel like Winter"

B&R: "Yeah weird, so can we?"

I was frozen for a moment, just thinking on winter...on snow. I love when it comes so softly.  There's beauty in a heavy sky with quiet, gentle falling snow flakes. The world seems so still.  I also like what happens after a crazy rush of white; a glistening blanket covers the landscape. Would it be redundant to say I love it? I have a great, vivid, technicolor memory of snow and evergreens. I really wish I could visit the high mountains more regularly, it's where I feel most tranquil.....

B: "Uhhh Mom?"

Me: "That will be nice. Playing in the snow sounds great. Those youth leaders sure know how to fuel the cheerfulness! Yes, you can go, wait, how much will it cost?"

Suffice it to say B&R went on the Winter Retreat last weekend. They had a superfluously fun time, learned valuable lessons and all that jazz. In addition, Billy came home with a black eye, scratches all over his eye and mouth.. and sick. Ricky also came home sick. WHATEVER! I had wondered about the weather extremes making them ill. However I didn't bank on sick kids being at the retreat. There were. They shared. My kids are extremely healthy so I am sure we will be through with this tomorrow..but still. Geezz!!! Oh, and the "battle wounds"? These are things you come to expect as a mother of active boys. I don't believe I've ever received both of them (at the same time) unmarked. That is just life with boys.


Charity Anne said...

Oh, silly me. I forgot Billy also has a sprained wrist courtesy of Winter Retreat games and a competitive nature.

Jeff Vincent said...

It's only a flesh wound.