Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Three Stooges...or Stages???

                                   CJ, Billy & Ricky met when they were 4, 3 &1

While they have been busy growing  up together CJ has spent many weeks/weekends at our house. The older they get the harder it has become to facilitate such bliss. However recently they were able to celebrate the lives of George and Abe together. It was a 4 day weekend of teenage boy heaven! They concocted big plans to squeeze into the time they had together. In the effort to help I gave both of my guys $10...and Jenny sent CJ with $10 of his own. Billy & Ricky decided they wanted this to be extra special since it was likely not to happen again for a long, long time. Anyway they threw in more of their own money and a few gift cards to make the time look like they thought it should.

It all began Friday afternoon. They met at Starbucks in Riverpark.  By the time they were retrieved that evening they had conquered sugary bliss at Starbucks, taken in a movie (The Eagle) at Edwards...where they added to the diabetic coma with soda and popcorn. Oh but they ended at Jamba Juice for that touch of health. Amazingly enough they weren't really all that hungry when we met up for dinner that evening. Even though we met at Harlem Waffles and Wings, weird. Maybe not weird to normal people, but we are talkin' 14, 16 & 17 year old males! I ordered food to go and basically left it hanging around...sure enough eventually my 3 little squawking birdies showed up for their dinner. They spent the evening playing board games watching movies, playing video games and gnawing the siding off my house. Well sorta.

My boys have separate rooms. So when "sleeping" came around CJ decided to spend one night in each boys room...Okay. So seriously. Are sleepovers really necessary?  I mean isn't this the question we ask ourselves each time? At like 2:00 am! I know, I said yes. I deserve no sympathy. Speaking of which CJ spent the last night on the sofa. We have hardwood floors. He chose too though...well I guess I'll give him sympathy.

Saturday was great for Billy & CJ because Ricky was off with his Boy Scout troop for the day, they had some time alone. After they finally woke up, at like noon, they did an hour and 1/2 work out. Then they ate rich creamy goodness...acorn and leek soup. And. A. Loaf. Of. Bread. Though he will probably never admit it...I think yesterday was a bit much for Billy. I think his body wanted some real food. Also to set the record straight CJ ASKED for the soup. I wasn't going to even suggest  he eat it. They then went for an hour or so walk. Upon arrival back at the house they ate more food. Then spent the remainder of the day watching movies and playing video games. CJ brought his 360 along for the visit, but no controllers. Since my boys have a 360 fund they bought a controller....and yes they walked to get it. Ricky came home in time for more food. Then the 3 of them returned to the brain atrophying state of video games and movies.

Bright and early Sunday morning we were up and out the door to church. Next we went swinging down to Hanford with a car full of gushing, exploding, rampaging hormones for a party with CJ's parents, then back home. Ricky went to choir practice. Billy & CJ? Oh, you guessed it...more mid-semester media mania...marathon?? mayhem??? Yeah you couldn't tame those stallions.

Monday Beaufort Billy had responsibilities to tend to. It was nice for son #2 to have some time alone with C.J. However Cletus CJ & Rupert Ricky slept in till noon, they're hilarious. Then in an effort to continue with the brain dwindling experiment the zonked men-folk, looking like they'd taken a dozen sedatives watched movies and played video games. Mean while I was bakin' up some acorn,  butternut sqaush with apple sauce whole grain muffins.  I ended up drizzling  lemon and orange goop over the tops. Nutrient packed yummytime! They ate like a dozen each. Somewhere in there I kicked them out the front door (locking it) and made them go for a walk. Okay so...what of it? They needed it.

.....and, um, yeah, to all that your mind is dwelling on ....hmmm? No. I don't normally allow this. As a matter of fact I never have before. So why did I now? These boys have heavy loads on their plates. Life is tough. Work and schooling are stressful. They are on the last leg of the school year and really, really needed a break. Every teen-aged male inspires their parents to say "look another awww moment". Ten minutes later those same teens can bring their parents to the point when all they want to say to those ever hungry males is "get yourself a big-o bowl of SHUT UP!" It's a safe guess to assume these guys needed to numb out. So I allowed that. Sometimes in parenthood the right medicine is to lighten's called grace.
                                                                   Here they are now.
                                                                      Cletus, 17

                                                                 Rupert, 14
                                                                 Beaufort, 16


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Jeff Vincent said...

I have been watching these man cubs grow up ... and I count it a privilege. I remember well when that picture of the three of them on our Apt doorstep was taken. Now they are all old and big and drive me cranky sometimes.... but they're still my boys. (okay so CJ isn't technically *MY* boy but I get to borrow him)

Shirin said...

Memories are PRICELESS and it is part of our job to facilitate them. People who get PAID for this are called "Event Planners", so next time you fill out your job description, don't forget to add that one...along with chaffeur and chef!

Charity Anne said...

That's true Shirin. We could sooo start a party planning or catering business after our kiddos graduate! Jeff, they drive me cranky too...I love them too!