Wednesday, April 20, 2011

High Energy (mostly ) Christian Playlist

Okay so here's the deal, the guys & I joined GB3 last month. It's a fitness club literally 5 minutes from our driveway. I never really thought this day would come. I am more into doing the outside thing. However we live in Fresno, time to face the facts. Bleh! Besides GB3 set an excellent (frozen) price for the 4 of us! The three guys are well beyond happy to get their iron pumpin', which makes for easy PE. I however think that it's incredibly boring. Like fall asleep boring. I refuse. Unfortunately 6:00 am is when our 4-pack needs to go to the gym in order the get back home in enough time for family devotions and math w/ Dad. I don't thinks it's unfortunate because it is so early. I am in love with early morning-ness!  I am bummed because not many other people are interested in watching the sun rise as they exercise. This basically means no fun classes, like Zumba are available for me. Therefore I decided I needed to compile all my "Get Your Fanny Movin' Chica!" songs. Contrary to popular belief, I am electronically challenged. So after deciding which songs would crack the metaphorical whip, asked Jeff to upload them onto the ipod. Here is that list. Starting with my "calm" warm up song & going from there.

Warm Up (& cool down)
#1 Manifesto-The City Harmonic

#2 Hold Me- Jamie Grace & Toby Mac

#3 Say Hey-Michael Franti (not Christian)

#4 Shackles- MaryMary

#5 Pocketful of Sunshine- Natasha Bedingfield (not Christian)

Time to get funky
#6Extreme Days- Toby Mac

#7 Outcast- Kerry Roberts

#8 J Train -Kirk Franklin & Toby Mac

#9 Movin'- Group 1 Crew

#10 Boomin' -Toby Mac

#11 Never Let Me Go- Family Force Five

#12 Extreme Days- Toby Mac

#13Soliders- Out Of Eden

#14 Phenomenon- Toby Mac

#15 No More - Beckah Shae

#16 Supersonic -Family force Five

#17 Rawkfist-Thousand Foot Krutch

#18 Whip My Hair -Willow Smith (not Christian...and yes it is a little girl. Let's just say I totally have some people that inspire me to sing with her when she says "Don't let haters keep me off my grind, keep my head up and I know I'll be fine, keep fighting till I get there...I'm down and feel like giving up? I whip my hair back & forth!!......)

#19 Faith, Hope & Love- Beckah Shae

#20 Catchafire-Toby Mac

Yes, I am aware it is heavy on Toby. I didn't set out to do that. Let's just face it. He has wild, crazy, voluminous ENERGY! When his music is pumpin, so am I. After the fact I have thought of other songs (Toby & not) that I could've added. Maybe they will got into volume two of "Get Your Fanny Movin' Chica!"


Jeff Vincent said...

It is a good playlist meethinks. I'm just really proud of me that you gave me the playlist and I made it all in the same day!

Charity Anne said...

Yes, that's Gold!

Tish said...

The kids and I LOVE to blast 'Manifesto' while driving on the freeway!! It's one of those songs to raise your voice ;o)

Charity Anne said...

It IS a great song for that!!

Shirin said...

I have Shackles as one of my favorites, too! I also love Redemption Songs album, 'specially Nothing but the Blood or Grace Like Rain by Todd Agnew or So In Love for your inner funky girl by Nicole C Mullen. Rock on Morning Girl!