Monday, April 20, 2009

CHEFA's Sqaure Dance

B&R both went to the CHEFA square dance. I like the themed dance idea. I think it makes participation easier when everyone is dancing the same, wearing the cowboy gear etc.. They can focus on having fun and not worry about all that other stuff. The boys were unsure about attending but ended up having a really good time. They had lots of food and lots of light hearted fun. They danced most of the night. The caller did sneak in a few crazy songs, like the chicken dance. Neither boy had sweaty palm syndrome, a jittery stomach or painful rejections. Neither sat on the side lines watching. Just a good clean positive experience. Billy had no problem asking girls to dance. Ricky had no problem dancing, but he never got a chance to ask a girl to dance. Three of his (female) friends were so nervous about not being asked to dance that they kept going up to him and saying things like, "do you know this dance, okay then come dance with me." He didn't really care. However Billy had his mind set on asking a particular someone to dance. It was a memorable occasion to get together with their friends and I'm glad they had the opportunity.

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