Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Millerton Lake State Park Area

We have visited Millerton lake a few times this month.
The first trip we took was to North Fine Gold. If you are in the park you can only get there by boat, however, there is one more option, that we know of. There is a crazy back country dirt road with an-almost-not-there sign a few miles outside of the park. Yep, we took the road less traveled. The weather was wonderful the day we went. Vibrant wild flowers against fresh green hillsides & a lovely blue sky. The cool creek water & multitude of colored pebbles were a special treat. We had a picnic lunch, climbed boulders, wadded the stream...Ricky swam. We were greeted by a herd of cattle munching away on open farm land & an old timer gold panning. Yes, they still do that in California.
The following weekend we went to South Fine Gold. This time we had to pay, as we did enter the park. We were on a geocaching mission. Jeff as our leader had us march up Pincushion Mountain (no not on a trail) He had the GPS system & that was that. We followed him straight up the side of the untamed mountain. Unfortunately we ran into a steep area heavily saturated in poison oak, with lose boulders to boot. We brought the doggies & since there was no way of explaining to them the need to stay clear of certain greenery we had an issue. I decided to stop at a convenient boulder overlooking the glistening lake water, with the dogs and let the guys go on. Billy was in the lead with Ricky & then Jeff behind because Jeff was scared the kids may lose their footing in this particular area. Billy took a few steps and that's exactly what happened. A fairly good sized boulder went tumbling right down the mountain side and Billy just managed to grab hold of the boulder ahead of him. After a few fearful moments (on J's part) they moved on. I knew they found the cache because I could hear the echoing of Jeff's yelp!!! YAHOOO!!! We then hiked down to the lake where Ricky took a dive & we had our snack.

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