Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Woodward Park

One of the redeeming aspects of Fresno is this lovely spot. We really enjoy Woodward Park. Last month B,R & I packed up school and a picnic lunch to spend the day there. We brought the camera & field guide book in the hopes of seeing as many creatures in the bird sanctuary as possible. As spring has been hinting to leave us we made a point to get down there before the heat took over. B&R took advantage of the exercise course flexing their man-skills at every stop. We walked all over the place, part of the Lewis S. Easton trail & part of the horse trails. We spent quit a long time just meandering through the trails and along the San Joaquin River watching rabbits, squirrels, birds and turtles. A favorite spot was the Lewis S. Easton overlook, we found a shady spot to rest, pull out the binoculars and see what we saw. Of course nothing can stay that tranquil with these guys for very long. This day was full of joking. Ricky entertained us by skipping, flapping his arms all the way up a hillside to one of the little-kid play grounds. Blasting out "look mama no hands" etc.. as he climbed the play structures. Yep, he's a ham.
Earlier this month the BEST youth group had a BFO, BBQ, yard game playing event held at Woodward. They ate, played, visited and ate some more. These things never end when they are expected to, and that's okay. The sky was exceptionally blue during the day and that evening as we came to collect our children we were able to actually enjoy the stars over a Fresno really. Woodward park has a fountain in the middle of a pond that they light up at night, that was really nice as well.
We do have one more gathering to be held at this park, I pray it doesn't get too incredibly hot before that day arrives.

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