Thursday, April 23, 2009

A recap of our week

Saturday - found me up at 4:30 to make sure everything was ready for the morning. Jeff & Billy up at 5:30 and out the door to the Fresno Mission Fest held at North West Church (The Bembe Worship Project played) I let Ricky sleep. I worked on next school years curriculum choices etc...Getting ready for next school year while finish the last leg of this school year isn't fun, but I need to be ready for the conventions. I also want a summer vacation, the jitters are starting to set in.
-Billy came home and slept, however the rest of us had a birthday party to attend for Bowen Cunnings
-Jeff & I fell asleep
-The boys had CCBC practice & J&I went on a date

Sunday -Was church and a day of rest..isn't sabbath beautiful.

Monday -New glasses ordered for Ricky (from Costco...thank you Julie for the tip) I don't really know how he gets them so scratched and bent. After all, we do buy with that in mind. I guess they just don't make with him in mind.
-Drama, the boys are really improving.
-Costume sizing with Granny
-Bembe & Aikido practice.
-I got everyone & everything packed for this weekends trip & finished my curriculum outline for next school year.

Tuesday -Chitudo

Wednesday-Absolutely nothing!!!!!


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