Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Back to School Picnic

This was quite the learning experience. Bringing an interesting test of character and strength. Shedding light on who people "really" are & where they "really" stand.

I was able to draw strength from the godly people around me in the school group and in my own home. I really enjoyed getting to know a new mom to the group. As would be expected, this was my first time working with her. I was just hoping I didn't need to micro-manage her and that she didn't get the wrong idea about how homeschoolers conduct themselves. She brought much more than I ever asked of her to the table...WOW, thank you Brooke.

 After much drama and grief the day finally arrived. The weather was nice, for summer in Fresno. Especially once the sun went down and the gentle breeze picked up. We had a decent turnout, I guess. The food was plentiful and all seemed to have fun with the root beer floats and cookies. Brooke & I played old fashioned picnic games such as water balloon toss, over under sponge relay and sack races with the little ones. Meanwhile Kelly oversaw a volleyball tournament and Jeff manned the giant home made slip and slide.

Oh and yes, we did try it out at home before we brought it to the party. We were told to pour dish soap to make the slide more "slippery"...well I guess I put too much on the first time because Jeff & I flew right off the other end of the slide. Yep...right into stickers and dry wild grasses ( we have the giant scratches to prove it!) Thanks for the idea Jacki!

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