Friday, September 4, 2009

"Back up the pineapple this luau's over!"

Though we have enjoyed our wonderfully, lazy, much needed 3 months off, we have succumbed to emerge from the fog of the summer lifestyle where calendars mean nothing and clocks are ignored. We move into the responsibility of it all, joining the ranks of all those already "in" school. Which means I will be on somewhat of a computer sabbatical. I know that is going to be hard, because I have been playing on F.B. so much that people look for me there to inform me of this and that. Note to self, realign communication avenue.

The school year has been trickling upon us. Billy began physics at the beginning off August, he really likes his class by the way. Ricky began choir two weeks ago. Which was like going to a giant family reunion-what fun for everyone! Next Billy will add Bembe and Ricky will add Boy Scouts to the schedule (in about a week). Both boys will start Art Appreciation/History with our homeschool co-op. Each guy also begins a youth group at the church we were going to in Fresno & have now returned to. As you can see the momentum is picking up fast.

We've cut hair, bought clothes, school supplies and curriculum. We have a nice & orderly school space. We spent a few weeks getting our bodies and minds acclimated to our new schedule and completing our final preparations. It is now time for mind-work and routine physical endurance. So look out we come!

Oh and to all those apposed or puzzled by my delaying our start date, I have this for you......

Back off Jack, your not the criterion in this town! I enjoy milkin' summer, squeezing every last drop. My boys have in the past and will continue to have a solid education-complete with 180 hours of each subject taught. I take their education quite seriously. More importantly I take their whole person into account. So....Labor Day to Memorial Day it shall remain. Please, please think before you assume neglect! I really am paying attention. I really am being responsible.

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