Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Photo's another Back-to-School Tradition

  A few weeks ago we headed on over to Fashion Fair in hopes of hunting down two shirts for school pictures. It wasn't the best of days to embark on such a journey being that cat fights tend to break out in the heat of "Autumn". However this would be our only chance to deal with it prior to the picture date.
  Ricky's wardrobe was fine as it sat due to previous shopping trips (although in the end he wore the same shirt from last years photos...nut!) It was the dreaded Billster we had to shop with. FYI teen guys do have strong opinions about what they are wearing...its not just a female issues. Nuf said.
  At any rate we shopped and shopped until teenage finickiness finally met with parental money choice. Ahhh, sweet relief, and so it was shirts for both CHEFA, which happened last week and BEST which happens next month were acquired. Ta-da! Budget and fashion meet.
  I go through this activity , in which my head explodes, for the Grandma's most especially. Yet the kids do need their pictures in the yearbook as well as an updated version for our wall. The ID cards are kind of a joke. We've never really needed them, at this point its more of a collectors item then anything else. Although we did use them when we first started homeschooling around ten years ago. This was during the curfew law drama. Who knows , maybe a need will arise this school year....playin' it safe. Affidavit filed, check. HSLDA membership updated, check. BEST, CHEFA & CHEA memberships updated, check, check, check! and last but not least ID cards ordered, check.
  *Oh, this year we had to fake our annual "1st-day-of-school-photo" because I was not much more than a lump of snot due to a bad head cold. I didn't even think about it until well after the day had come and gone, darn! Oh, and yes they cooperated with me on this and also with the photographer last week.

*Happy thought* At least we have moved beyond the little guy stage of this endeavor. I heart cooperative children!

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