Thursday, September 24, 2009

When parents get sick...and kids don't

 Oh boy....Jeff & I were sick, I mean really sick for over a week. The worst part was that I woke up to all this yuck the first day of our school year. So besides stealing a glance every now and then, I was of no use to my students. "Son I'm sorry I cannot access my brain today, I have the duhs"

 I do have to make you aware that each boy knows what is expected of him, even on the first day of the new school year. This is because individual calendars and day planners are reviewed each weekend...before the school week. So this was done before I knew I was sick. I also need to give props to my guys. They cleaned, they cooked and they did as much of  their school work as they could. They really did try their best. Wow, that's awesome! Just when I think I'm going to put them in a box in front of the grocery store (free to a good home) they come shining through. You gotta jump, even if just internally, at times like that!

 Now some silly people have said, "oh but you homeschool so what's the big deal...just bump it forward". As nice as that sounds, its not that easy! We have a schedule and try very hard to stick to it, there's always going to be lots of life going on and we do have sick days set aside, but come on!  All mom's everywhere want to yell out "sorry, I'm too busy to get sick, call back later".... it's no different for the homeschool mom. We are needed, that is that. When we are down life doesn't run as it should...the end. It's just not the best way to start off the year.

 What really stinks is this makes the second year in a row this has happened. I've had it suggested "its because the public and private school have been in session for about a month before we start. They have that time to spread germs all around and let them trickle down to us as we begin to start our own schooling".  Whatever the reason it must stop!

 Now, two weeks later I am still dealing with the aftershock of it all.  I'm adrift in a sea of to-do's. It's amazing how far behind we get when missing just one week of the chaotic game called life. I've been realigning the school work that was clear as mud to the poor guys trying to work it out on their own (with no direction while I was out of commission) and so it didn't get done. As well as correcting and filing school work that was completed during that same time period. I'm finally finding some post-sickie relief and a little zest is back in my step.

 As a family we rock! We cleaned this whole house! Wall, cabinets, sofa's, bathrooms...everything got sanitized! I've been pumping the vitamin cocktails into everyone and heavily pushing the hand sanitizer! B&R seem to have been able to skip over this virus. Thank you Jesus!

 On to better...healthier days we march!


Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are feeling better. It is so hard to play catch up. Love you and miss you.
Love Jen

Jeff Vincent said...

I have to stress that the boys really pulled through and did all they could to make the situation as good as possible.